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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Colin Campbell

February 7, 2009
Delaware City, Delaware

The best thing in the early morning was the spectacular sunrise. All the local freshwater ponds were frozen, so waterfowl were conspicuous by their absence. Even the Delaware River was quiet birdwise with only a Bonaparte's Gull of note, and even that was missed by 5 of the 6 participants! Fort Dupont State Park was equally quiet, though a mewling Catbird was nice. The Peregrine pair under Reedy Point Bridge performed admirably and another falcon, a Merlin, surprised us as we searched unsuccessfully for the White-crowned Sparrows at the Gray Fox Farm. At this point, the decision was taken (unanimously) to go for the reported flock of White-wnged Crossbills in Newark, which one of the participants had seen the day before. And they were there waiting for us, with many males in resplendent colors, feasting on the spruce cones in bright sunlight. A great finish - and a lifer for one of us!