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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Colin Campbell

October 16 (Saturday) – ASHLAND NATURE CENTER (near Hockessin, Delaware)

The first DVOC trip to Ashland Nature Center in New Castle County, Delaware took place on Saturday 16 October. The Center and its grounds are owned by Delaware Nature Society and occupy a position in the heart of the most attractive part of the state with the Red Clay Creek running through the middle of the property. Six of us enjoyed a walk along some of the many trails. Although the birdlife was well down from that of my scouting run two days previously, probably due to the strong northerly breeze, we were able to pish out sparrows and a few lingering warblers at the small marsh, see woodpeckers including a Sapsucker in the streamside woods, more sparrows including White-crowned and Fox at the 'floodplain' and Purple Finches as we approached Hawkwatch Hill. Here, the 'hawkwatcher-in-residence', Cyrus, pointed out Bald Eagle, Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks, Kestrel, Merlin, Osprey and Harrier. Eyes were peeled for the mysterious Raven, occasionally seen in this area but never documented for the state list, but to no avail. A nice first visit and a fine place to enjoy with the Fall colors.



Colin Campbell.