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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Jane Henderson

September 15, 2010

The field trip to Shawmont School in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia had been scheduled for 6:45 PM, and by that time about 25 people had gathered on the school’s parking lot.

By 7:00 PM a few Chimney Swifts appeared, disappeared and then reappeared. By 7:15 PM many more had turned up, and began swirling about the chimney. By 7:20, 800 or so birds were in the air, and at 7:31 the last bird went down the chimney. Everyone clapped.

Those who had anticipated seeing thousands of birds, as we’ve seen in past years, were perhaps a bit disappointed. But I was happy that the weather cooperated, and that so many enthusiastic Chimney Swift watchers came to watch the show.


Pictures by Jane Henderson and Bob Cohen