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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Frank Windfelder

October 10, 2010

Summary of trips 2001-2010 (*.pdf file)

At the end of Seven Bridges Road at Tuckerton, I was greeted by 25 birders, including 14-year old Jack Beltz and his dad, and 8-year old Roger Fricke and his dad. A great start to a great day! At this location, low tide is best for seeing sharp-tailed sparrows, but the tide was now rising, so we had to work harder than usual. Nonetheless, we found 5 Nelson’s, 2 nelsoni and 3 subvirgatus, along with numbers of Sharp-tailed Sparrows and a couple of Seasides.

There were also about 500 Forster’s Terns and a Royal Tern. Vincent Nichnadowicz and a couple of others saw an Orange-crowned Warbler back near the cars. On our drive back out, we also saw many other great birds, including a Merlin, several Peregrines, a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, a Lincoln’s Sparrow, and at least 4 Brown Creepers using telephone poles for trees. We then headed south to Brigantine. We found out later that Bill Keim and a few others who lingered at Tuckerton picked up Vesper and Clay-colored Sparrows in close proximity to one another.

Anyway, the birding at Brigantine was good too. Pronbably the highlights there were a Whimbrel and a couple of Hudsonian Godwits. There were hundreds of Snow Geese and thousands of American Black Ducks. Young Roger was thrilled to see a flock of Ruddy Ducks. On the way out of Brig at the bridge, Don Jones and Al Driscoll had 2 Wood Ducks, 2 American Coots, and a Pied-billed Grebe. Did I mention the fabulous weather?

Frank Windfelder
Philadelphia, PA