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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Martin Selzer

May 1, 2011
Belleplain State Forest, NJ

About 20 people joined me on a beautiful spring morning as we visited Belleplain State Forest along Narrows Road, Sunset Road and Pine Swamp Road. By the time we left a few hours after lunch we had seen or heard all the key breeding warblers of the area plus many other birds.

Highlights of the days birding included:
• Multiple outstanding looks at Worm-eating Warblers everywhere we stopped
• Hooded Warbler singing out in the open
• Several Yellow-throated Warblers
• Prothonotary Warbler at the bridge at Sunset Road with a male American Redstart putting in a guest appearance at the bridge as well
• A pair of Louisiana Waterthrush were enjoyed from the small bridge
• Several White-eyed Vireos perched well out in the open proclaiming their territories, while all the Red-eyed Vireos, stayed hidden in the tree tops
• Ovenbirds were heard calling throughout the day wherever we stopped; however only one or two birds were glimpsed briefly
• Common Yellowthroats, Pine, Black & White, Blue-winged, Prairie and Northern Parula Warblers were heard and seen during the course of the day.
• We also had Great Crested Flycatcher, Eastern Kingbirds, Eastern Phoebe and Acadian Flycatcher
• And the day ended with a Summer Tanager along Pine Swamp Road as we were heading home to prove that good things come to those who drive around with their car windows down listening.

There were multiple species of butterflies and dragonflies around that Lynn Jackson was helping to identify and several really interesting moths at the Lake Nummy picnic area but after appreciating them, their names escape me.

Thanks to everyone who joined me and helped make the day a success.

Martin Q.