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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Sandra Keller

September 13, 2011
Stone Harbor Point, NJ

Our trip this fall was timed more for low tide and the exposed sandbars and beaches than the roosting shorebird concentrations that occur at high tide. Not much was at the Wetlands Institute shorebird wise, but always a good spot for Tricolored Heron. A Green Heron completely out in the open going through its "hiding" routine of standing stock still with neck stretched completely out and pointed toward the sky was a definite highlight!

Hopefully the heron realized its precarious position and took to cover before a Peregrine came along! The shorebirds were spread out over the various sand bars. The one at the north end of Nummy's Island was the best with 200 Red Knots and 5 Marbled Godwits. Piping Plovers were found feeding on the beach at the parking area for Stone Harbor Point. We searched for the previous day's reported Wilson's Plover with no success. Brown Pelicans were another highlight - seen feeding and roosting at the Champagne Island area which is best viewed from a location in North Wildwood which we hit at the end. This can also be an excellent vantage point to search for Sandwich Tern - but, alas, none were found this afternoon.

Sandra Keller