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DVOC Field Trip Report
Pictures by Chris Walters

March 9, 2013
Barnegat Light, New Jersey

Here is the Barnegat field trip report for March 9, 2013, with highlights of Iceland Gull (1), Marbled Godwits (3), Western Willets (50+), Harlequin Ducks (30), Common Eider (40), and Boat-tailed Grackles (18). Once again DVOC and Upper Main Line YMCA joined forces for a March trip to Barnegat Light. This year, after hop-scotching to the end of the Lighthouse jetty, the group skipped Brigantine/Forsythe NWR due to its damaged status and instead finished at Absecon Inlet. The sunny weather, reaching the upper fifties with only light winds, cooperated fully.

Our lead highlight was a 2d cycle Iceland Gull, which obliged us by posing 60 yards from the awestruck group in perfect light. Indeed, all had great looks, save for master birder Frank Windfelder (Frank, scouting well ahead, declined our cellphoned invitation to see this find. While suppressing a yawn, he was heard to say: "Of course I already have that bird this year"). With the master's permission, we amateurs resumed studying the bird.

Later, all re-assembled, the group wrapped things up at Absecon Inlet, where the winter's cabin fever and the day's rising temperature had brought out beach chairs and jet skiers of the lumpen proletariat (birders being the leading lights of the party, we consign the rest to the proletariat). After some effort, we leading lights found our target birds (Marbled Godwits and Western Willets). They were all feeding on the bayside, as the day's second set of Boat-tailed Grackles passed by.

Five DVOCers and eight UMLYers participated on this 2013 trip, which concluded at 3 pm.