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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting for December 21st , 2000

The meeting was called to order by Ron French. 31 members and 3 guests were present.
The minutes of the meeting held November 16th , were read and approved.

Nathan Rice's nomination for membership was unanimously approved.

There were no reports from Archives, Banquet, Checklist, Larus.

Conservation: Jan Gordon gave us an updated on the West Basin.

Field Trips: Upcoming trips include Florence for Gulls with Ward Dasey on January 6th.
The Montauk weekend Jan 13-15th is almost full.
Paul Guris has a Pelagic out of Cape May on March 4th.

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel noted that Nate Rice was awarded a grant to replace the bird cabinets in the collections department.

Nominating Committee: Hart Rufe notified us that the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer would continue with a 2nd year of their term, and that Dennis Bert and Jane Henderson were nominated to serve on council.

Publications: Sandy Sherman noted that one article was still needed to complete Cassinia.

Colin Campbell announced the following programs:
1/4 - Annual General Meeting and CBC's
1/18 - Bob Curry on the timing of breeding in the Florida Scrub Jay
2/1 - Doug Weschler on his expedition to Borneo
2/15 - Book Auction with Bob Mercer
3/1 - Gary Stiles on Costa Rica
3/15- Daniel Edelstein on Bird Songing

Ron French announced that the next council meeting would be on Jan 4th at 7pm. He also needs
help in setting up the evenings drinks and food.

Local Notes:
Sandy Sherman had a Eurasian Widgeon on the Cape May CBC between tornado watches, lightning, thunder, heavy winds and rainbows.

Hart Rufe's Upper Bucks CBC, produced a Barnacle Goose and a Brant at Lake Towhee and well as a Wilson's Warbler.

Ron French had a Greater White-fronted Goose at Peace Valley.

Alan Brady's showed a picture of the "yellow-legged" Gull being seen in Easton. He also had a female Common Eider at Hereford Inlet.

Rick Mellon's Southern Bucks Count produced a Northern Shrike at Penn Manor.

Al Driscoll's Oceanville/Brigantine Count produced a female Painted Bunting at Brigantine, a Nashville Warbler in Atlantic City and a Common Murre offshore. He also noted that the selasphorus hummer at Ward Dasey's residence was banded and confirmed as a Rufous.

George Reynard's had a Grey Screech Owl roosting in his Owl box at home.

Evening Program: 12 members contributed to the evenings program entitled 'Memorable Moments'. Sandwiched between Colin trashing all of Scotland except the scotch (actually he even trashed that after he had finished the bottle) and Adrian's irrelevant off-beat slides on birding humor; Bill Haber recounted his first experience (birding); Paul told some funny story; Sandy read Ed Fingerhood's account of finding the Gyr Falcon; Ken told a joke; and Hart read his trip report about looking for a rarity amongst a nudist beach.
A most enjoyable evening.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns

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