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47 Members and 9 Guests were present.

The minutes of the meeting held 2.3.00 were read and approved.

Nominations: Scott Edward's was accepted as a member.

Committee Reports
Trustee's Report: Chris Walter's report showed the assets and earnings doing well, and that the endowment fund was generating income for our operating expenses.

Conservations: Jan Gordon reported that the Natural Land's Trust thanked the DVOC for its $300 contribution to Valley Forge Audubon.

Field Trips: Upcoming trips include the Cape May Pelagic March 6 with Paul Guris and Pedricktown/Mannington Marsh March 25 with Frank Windfelder.

Programs: Up next is Scott Weidensaul's "Living on the Wind" March 2, followed by the Delaware Tri-State Bird & Rescue and several 'live' birds. The banquet speaker on Dec 7 will be Kevin Karlson.

Website: Emmerson Bowes is working on maps/direction to places that the DVOC has contributed too.

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel will be working on various aspects of bird study.

There were no reports from the following committees: Archives, Banquet, Books, Cassinia, Checklist and Larus.

Announcements: (Ron French) The Great Backyard Bird Count needs our support Feb 18-21 counting birds at our feeders and reporting the results to Cornell.
Phil Street will write the preface to the new edition of Wittmer Stone's Bird Study of Olde Cape May.
The birding community has lost a pioneer with the death of Arnold Small.
Albert Conway has issues of Cassinia for sale dating back to 1951-52
The University of Pittsburgh Press's cloth bound "Birds of Delaware" is available at a 40% discount.
Sandy Sherman wanted to know who owned an original copy of Bird Study at Olde Cape May (Vol 2). 1400 copies were printed.
Roy Frock recalled the story of a Golden Gate Raptor Observatory banded Red-tailed Hawk that never ventured further than 4 ½ miles from where it was banded. Making it easy to locate, it was found dancing on a homeowner's roof for chicken "bits", a gig it has been doing for 20 years.
Not to be outdone, Emmerson Bowes tells us he has been whistling Red-tailed Hawks in to his chicken 'parts'.

Local Notes: Bill Murphy went searching for the reported Yellow-legged Gull at Florence without any luck, but did have 50+ Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 10 Iceland, 2 Glaucous (inc. an adult) and a 1st W. Thayer's.
Alan Brady's whale watch boat trip out of Mannasquan on Feb 13 produced 25 Gannets, 75 White-winged Scoter's, 20 bonie's, 10 Kittiwakes, 1 Iceland, 1 Brown Pelican, 11 Razorbills, 2 Common Murres, 1 Thick-billed Murre, 2 Fin-backed Whales and all of this for $23!
Joe Majdan ventured to Maryland for a Harris' Sparrow.
Ron French reports 2 Greater White-fronted Geese at Peace Valley.
John LaVia had 3 Greater White-fronted Geese in Moorestown.
Roy Frock had 2 Bald Eagles at Lake Nockamixon on Feb 15

Program: Joe Swertinski's slide presentation showed us the beauty and allure of Attu, whetting the appetite of all those that had not made the trek, only to be told that we would no longer be getting an opportunity to go.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns
Secretary, DVOC

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