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25 Members and 4 Guests were present.

The minutes of the meeting held 1.6.00 were read and approved, after one amendment.

Nominations: Dennis Brennan (Edie Parnum and Ron French) was unanimously accepted as a member.

The following vacancies were filled: Archives - Katrina Knight, Ornithological Studies - Chuck Hetzel and on Council Jane Henderson replaced the vacancy left by Adrian Binns.

Announcements: Megan Edward's passed on word that Arnold Small's illness had taken a turn for the worse.
Martin Selzer mentioned that Pat Sutton would be speaking on Butterflies at the 2.18 Wyncote AS meeting at Schuylkill Valley Educational Center.

Committee Reports
Books: Irene Goverts mentioned that the new Small Gulls video was now available.

Field Trips: Chris Walters' Jan 15-17 Montauk w/e, produced 26 duck species, Razorbill's galore, stunning views of a drake Barrow's Goldeneye, Kronschnable's culinary delights, and an awful lot of wind (45 knots).

Programs: Colin Campbell continues to support Delawar-ites with, Joe Swertinski's "Lue of Attu" Feb 17. Scott Weidensaul's "Living on the Wind" March 2, followed by the Delaware Tri-State Bird & Rescue. Upcoming speakers include, Sheri Williamson, Bob Thornton, Ralph Mancke and Bill Barber.

There were no reports from the following committees: Archives, Banquet, Cassinia, Conservation, Checklist, Larus and Ornithological Studies.

Local Notes: Jane Henderson has 6 Pine Siskin coming to her feeders.
Ron French had a Greater White-fronted Goose at Peace Valley Jan 29, and reports that the Northern Shrike is still being seen at Sailor's Point.
Don Jones saw the Varied Thrush in Buena, NJ
Bob Mercer had 2 Short-eared Owls on his trip to Barnaget Light
Mike O'Brien saw a Red-tailed Hawk catch a Mallard.

Program: Ross Hawkins' delighted the small (weather bound) audience with his program on Hummingbirds entitled "Beija-fleur: The Birds that Kiss Flowers".

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns
Secretary, DVOC


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