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58 Members and Guests were present

As it was time to change the guard, Don Jones thanked all that supported him during his term as president and turned the proceedings over to the Right Honorable Judge Hart Rufe (retired). A motion was carried for a full slate of new officers; Ron French (President), Colin Campbell (Vice President), Adrian Binns (Secretary) and Naomi Murphy (Treasure). Joe Majdan and Martin Selzer were elected councilors.

The minutes of the meeting held 12.16.99 were read and approved. Phil Street requested that at the end of the secretary's term the minutes be bound for filing and not just on disks.

Nominations: Dennis Brennan was nominated for membership, and Jane Henderson, Steve Kerr and Jane Henderson were elevated to fellows.

Vacancies: The following positions are in need of committee chairman's; Archives and Ornithological Studies.

Naomi Murphy handed out copies of the treasures report, baffling us with "brilliance". She's still here and apparently so is the money. Chris Walter's trustee's report should be ready by next meeting; meanwhile he assures us things are looking up.

Announcements: Sandy Sherman let us know that Stackpole Books will reprint Witmer Stone's "Bird Studies at Olde Cape May".

Committee Reports
Conservation: Jan Gordon asked us to contact our senators and congressmen to support Sen. Lautenberg's co-sponsored Endangered Species Recovery Act, which supports preserving wild birds and their habitats.

Books: Irene Goverts mentioned that the new Small Gulls video was now available.

Larus: Jane Henderson told us Larus was in the post.

Field Trips: Ward Dasey's Florence gull extravaganza on Jan 8th would meet at 8AM, for those not participating in the Philadelphia count.
Erica Brendel reminded those going on the Jan 15-17 Montauk w/e, that it would be cold and explained accommodation necessities, rules and regulations.
Paul Guris notified us that the upcoming Cape May Pelagic date was still up in the air, and that there was a good possibility of seeing Right Whale blow air on this trip.

Programs: Colin Campbell begins the millennium with Ralph Mancke's program on "The Phillippine Monkey Eating Eagle" Jan 20, followed by Ross Hawkin's "Beija-fleur": The Birds that Kiss Flowers" on Feb 3, and club member Joe Swertinski on the "Lure of Attu" Feb 17.

There were no reports from the following committees: Archives, Banquet, Cassinia, Checklist and Ornithological Studies.

Local Notes: Alan Brady's BCAS Shark River outing produced a 1st W Little Gull.
Katrina Knight reported that the Black-tailed Gull had been seen Jan 2 at L. Ontelaunee.
Sandy Sherman saw the Northern Lapwing at Bombay Hook Dec 28.
Paul Guris has 15 Purple Finches gorging themselves at his feeders. He also recounted a close encounter with a Barn Owl a MM 13.5 of the Blue Route.
Doris McGovern had 3 Palm Wrablers.
Frank Windfelder had Brewer's Blackbird at Leipsic, Orange-crowned Warblers at Palmyra and encountered a couple of rarities, Rufous Hummingbird and Jim Merritt on a recent local jaunt.
Chuck Hetzel mentioned that Judy Stepanskie had an immature Baltimore Oriole in her yard in Roxborough.
Ellen Short's final bird of the millennium was a Greater White-fronted Goose near Cape Henlopen.

Program: Colin Campbell presided over the annual results of the 23 area Christmas Bird Counts.Though some results were yet to be compiled, there were a good number of birds reported, including high counts for several areas. Numbers of Boreal species seem to be down. Highlights included Northern Lapwing at Bombay Hook and Cave Swallow at Cape May, Long-eared Owls hunting in Central Bucks and Loggerhead Shrikes on the Cape Henlopen and Cumberland counts.

Beverages, buffet snacks and a bartender, followed the annual meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns
Secretary, DVOC


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