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50 members and 5 guests were present.
The minutes of the meeting held 5/18/00 were read and approved

There were no reports from Books, Cassinea, Larus or Archives.

Conservation: Pledges from the World Series of Birding were at an all time low of $750.00. $500, matching the DOS grant, was put towards the repair and erection of Osprey platforms in Cape May County. $328 went to reimburse those for equipment purchased for the Purple Martin houses.

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel census of the "saltmarsh" Swamp Sparrow, is under way.

Field Trips: Don Jones' May 21st Hawkins Road trip, produced a variety of warblers as well as Bobolinks and Grasshopper Sparrows at Brightview Farm.

Adrian Binns recounted the tales of a very successful Michigan trip where the highlights were Henslow's Sparrow; numerous Kirtland Warblers at Mio; a very confiding Spruce Grouse on the Upper Peninsula; the calling in and banding of a Yellow Rail at Seney NWR and the Northern Lights!

Programs: Colin Campbell announced that the summer meetings in July, August and September would be informal ones. The formal Meeting would begin again October 5th.

Ron French announced that Jan and Ken Gordon's Picnic would be August 12th.

It was noted by several members that Al Zaid passed away after a lengthy illness. He had been a member since the 40's, and was responsible for the SE Lancaster Bird Count as well as engineering the Osprey platform at the Taylor Refuge.

George Reynard's CD of the Birds of Jamaica and the West Indies is now available.

Ray Hendick noted that 22 pairs of Bluebirds had fledged at least 4 per box in Bucks County.

Bob Ridgely remarked on the decline of the House Sparrow in England.

Al Bilheimer spent the weekend in Cape May helping Larry Niles band and was lucky enough to see the Yellow-nosed Albatross. He also noted that there was a Red Crossbill in Levittown on Tuesday May 30th.

Alan Brady had a Common Ground Dove and Mourning Warbler in Cape May, as well as a Black-bellied Whistling Duck at Brigantine.

Hart Rufe had a breeding plumaged Common Loon on his farm pond.

Bob Ridgley's backyard produced a Mourning Warbler. In NW Phila a 1st Philadelphia breeding record for Yellow-throated Warbler.

Rick Mellon noted that Gerry Dewaghe had a signing Chuck-wills-widow at the Burlington Bridge.

Andy Ednie's Big Day in Delaware had 182 species including Curlew Sandpiper, White-winged Crossbill, Ruff and Black Skimmer.

Ron French noted that Devon Frabotnick had video taped a Long-tailed Jaeger on the Upper Delaware River.

Katrina Knight had 2 new birds for Berks County, Arctic Tern and Chuck-wills Widow.

Bill Murphy at Fort Washington State Park had 27 species and over 3000 individuals during the 1st 2 weeks of May.

Frank Windfelder had a Common Nighthawk on his property.

We were treated to a wonderful program by Bob Thornton, as he told us about the adventures he and his wife encountered as they ended up photographing all of North America's warblers, that became the book "Chasing Warblers".

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns
Secretary, DVOC

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