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40 Members and 9 Guests were present.

The minutes of the meeting held 3.2.00 were read and approved.

Nominations: Al Bilheimer was nominated for membership by Ron French and Rick Mellon.

Committee Reports
Conservation: Jan Gordon mentioned that the DVOC pledge sheet for the birdathon would be available at the next meeting. Doris McGovern and Jan were scouting for sites to put up Purple Martin houses.

Field Trips: Highlights of Paul Guris' Cape May Pelagic March 6 included 17 Razorbills, 80 Dolphins and 2 Puffins in Delaware and New Jersey waters.
Upcoming trips include Pedricktown/Mannington Marsh with Frank Windfelder on March 25. Hide tide will be early morning, which should mean close looks at Ruff!

Cassinia: Sandy Sherman is looking for works to be submitted for the 1998-99 issue. Of the 1400 original Bird Studies at Olde Cape May, Sandy has locate 89 copies.

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel reports that Cornell's Birdcast program is looking for volunteers to track night migration, including acoustic monitoring, dopler radar and ground truthing.

Archives: Katrina Knight is getting together with Phil Street to see what needs doing!

Programs: Up next
April 6 Nate Rice on "Ground Ant Birds"
April 20 Larry Niles on the "Ecology of Shorebirds"
May 4 'Hurricane' Paul Lehman on 'Weather and Bird Migration'
May 18 Sheri Williamson on 'Everything you ever wanted to know about Hummers'.

Website: Emmerson Bowes has changed the front page and added information on sites that the DVOC has contributed too.

There were no reports from the following committees: Banquet, Books, Checklist or Cassinia.

Announcements: Frank Windfelder reports that the damage to Tinicum NWR, from the recent oil spill is extensive.
Anita Guris announced that she was off drugs, feeling great and ready to bird again.
Sandy Sherman reported that one of the Mannington Marsh Bald Eagles had been found dead this week, and though there were 22 nests in NJ, caution is still needed in letting people know about their locations.

Local Notes: Michael O'Brien reports Wood Ducks checking out cavities! He is also featured in Audubon magazine checking out his own cavities, Bluebird boxes that is.
Frank Windfelder has had a Common Redpoll visiting his feeder since March 4 as well as seeing an adult Thayer's Gull at Florence.
An assortment of turkeys reported Turkeys of all colors, from all corners of the tri-state.
On Old Sam's Pond, Tom Reeves had a female Tufted Duck along with Greater and Lesser Scaup. Bald Eagles are constructing a nest at Conowingo Dam.
Katrina Knight found 3 species of grebe (Red-necked, Pied-billed and Horned) at Blue Marsh Lake.
Sandy Sherman reports 1000's of Snow Geese at Featherbed Lane. Laughing Gulls are returning and Great Horned Owls are on the nest.
Paul Guris got all excited about a bunch of slimy salamanders.
Alan Brady and Ron French report 2 Iceland Gulls (2nd year and adult) at Peace Valley.
JoAnne Raine and Ron French had 2 Marbled Godwits and Oystercatchers at the end of Great Bay Blvd., as well as an American Bittern at Brigantine.

Program: The Delaware Tri-State Bird & Rescue, one of the largest in the world, produced a slick audio-video program on their amazing operation, explaining what is involved in returning birds to their natural environment.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns
Secretary, DVOC

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