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43 Members and 5 Guests were present.

The minutes of the meeting held 2.17.00 were read and approved.

Committee Reports
Field Trips: Upcoming trips include Paul Guris' Cape May Pelagic March 6; March 25 Pedricktown/Mannington Marsh with Frank Windfelder who reports Eagles on the nest, Tundra Swans and an assortment of waterfowl. The long distance trip will be to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for Kirtland's Warbler and Yellow Rail.

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel is looking for members that would be interested in being on a bird study committee.

Books: Irene Goverts asked that we give her some advance notice for book requests.

Programs: Colin Campbell filled us in with the upcoming schedule - Up next Delaware Tri-State Bird & Rescue and several 'live' birds.
April 6 Nate Rice on "Ground Ant Birds" (Have we gone culinary?)
May 4 everyone's favorite weatherman 'Hurricane' Paul Lehman on what else…..'Weather and Migration'
May 18, from Arizona, Sheri Williamson on 'Everything you ever wanted to know about Hummers'.
The banquet speaker on Dec 7 will be Kevin Karlson on "Birding, Past, Present and Future".

There were no reports from the following committees: Archives, Banquet, Conservation, Cassinia, Checklist Larus and the Website.

Announcements: Frank Windfelder announced the death of long time member Harold Jackson. Tributes and anecdotes were given by Chuck Lyman, Alan Brady and Armas Hill. A memorial service is to be held on March 4.
Paul Guris mentioned that Cornell was looking for a homeowner that was willing to allow them to mount a microphone on their roof, to track and ID what flies over your house!

Local Notes: Jane Henderson has 7 Pine Siskin coming to her feeders in Flourtown.
Michael O'Brien watched 5 Red Crossbills and 3 Pine Warblers at a friend's feeder.
Roy Frock had 115 Tundra Swans and 2 Bald Eagles on Lake Nockamixon on Feb 28.
Doris McGovern found a size 7 band in an Owl pellet in the Pinelands in Cumberland Co. The unfortunate species turned out to be a Black Duck, banded in Quebec in 1994.
Frank Windfelder and Bill Murphy had 2 California Gulls and an all-white Greater Black-backed Gull at Florence Feb 26.
Irene Goverts reports that a Tufted Duck is on Spring Lake, near Rehobeth.
Continuing in Delaware, Colin Campbell scrounging about the Wilmington Dump picked up 7 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Glaucous, Iceland and a breeding plumage Laughing Gull. There was Loggerhead Shrike near Bombay Hook.
Ron French continues to observe Greater White-fronted Geese at Peace Valley, and twice saw a Red-shouldered Hawk at Bradford Dam.

Program: Scott Weidensaul's outstanding program "Living on the Wind", captivated the audience with vivid descriptions and stunning images of various journeys some species take. Reminding us that migration is in full swing at all times of the year, Scott took us along with the birds, learning of their trials and tribulations, as they migrate south and back again.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns
Secretary, DVOC

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