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In the absence of Ron French the meeting was called to order by Don Jones, who had forgotten what a pleasure it was to preside over these meetings.
40 members and 8 guests were present.
The minutes of the meeting held 4/20/00 were read and approved

There were no reports from Books, Conservation, Larus or Achives.

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel reported that with the decline of the "saltmarsh" Swamp Sparrow, a census would be undertaken.

Field Trips: Colin Campbell's Pocomoke trip would commence Friday at Sambo's and include a crack at Delaware's equivalent of the "New Jersey Devil", the mythical Port Mahon Black Rail. If nothing else, Birds, Bugs and Beer were guaranteed, but not necessarily in that order.

Frank Winfelder's May 13th Pennypack trip, where one could expect 15-20 species of warblers, would start at 6AM. "Thrushing", the fine art of looking for Bicknell's Thrush, wouldn't commence before 10AM!

Don Jones reported that the breeders are in for his May 21st Hawkins Road trip.

Armas Hill reminded us that there was a pelagic out of Cape May on May 26th
and now that it looks as if Elian and his father wont be going back to Cuba anytime soon, his June 9th trip to Cuba has 2 openings.

Cassinea: Sandy Sherman's quest to locate original copies of Bird Studies at Old Cape May has yielded 160 responses .

Programs: Colin Campbell announced the following upcoming programs:
5/18 - Sheri Williamson on "Everything you ever wanted to know about Hummingbirds"
6/1 - Bob Thornton, author of the book "Chasing Warblers"
followed by informal meetings in July, August and September

The club was notified that Jan Gordon was involved in a minor accident today.
Paul Guris reminded all to pledge generously for Nikon/DVOC World Series team.
Armas Hill has received 5 years of South Philadelphia birding reports from someone in Doylestown.

Bill Murphy has had 20 species of warbler at Fort Washington State Park, as well as 26 (not so) Solitary Sandpipers in a vernal pond.
Joe Majdan had a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers in Holicong
Bert Filemyr had a White-winged Crossbill for 10 days at his feeder.
Paul Lehmen, mentioned that Cape May had a Cave Swallow last weekend, 30-40 Cliffs , Marbled Godwit on Ocean Drive and 49 Pectoral Sandpipers on a pond in Salem County.
Sandy Sherman's visit to Roosevelt Park in Phila produced 10 warbler species, Red-breasted Nuthatch and probable Grasshopper Sparrow.
Frank Windfelder had 19 species of warbler including Worm-eating at Taylor Refuge, as well as Virginia Rail and Least Bittern and 12 Solitaries.
Don Jones had 16 species of warblers at Hawkins Road on the 3rd.
John LaVia had a Summer Tanager on 4/29 on Rte 555 at the T.
Bill Handley had Wild Turkey in Lower Fairmount Park
Armas Hill's Colorado trip produced 25 mammal species, 175 bird species including 7 chickens.

"Hurricane" Paul Lehmen put every TV weatherman to shame as his excellent program " Weather and Bird Migration" took us back to the classroom, explaining weather patterns and how we can predict which birds will show up and where.
Real birders really do watch re-runs of the weather channel.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns
Secretary, DVOC

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