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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting for November 2, 2000

The meeting was called to order by President Ron French.
30 members and 3 guests were present.

Committee Reports:
There were no reports from Conservation, Cassinia or Archives.

Larus: Jane Henderson announced that she needs information about the upcoming Christmas Counts for the next issue.

Field Trips: Frank Windfelder had maps to Bake Oven Knob for his upcoming
Nov. 4th field trip. As a side note he reported that on November 1st he had a "Soul stirring" Golden Eagle fly directly over his yard in NE Phila.; his first Philadelphia sighting of this bird in 25 years of birding. He also had a very large Cooper's Hawk in his yard on November 2nd.

Ornithological Studies:
Chuck Hetzel had no report but Ron French noted that he had received word from Leo Joseph of the Academy about some upcoming seminars:

11/10 at Noon: Dr. Eugene Potapov will speak on "U-V
Reflective Spectra in Wintering Arctic Birds: How white is white?"

12/8 at Noon: Gary Stiles will present a talk called "How to
Make a Hummingbird"

The Academy has also just opened a new exhibit on the last expedition of John James Audubon up the Missouri River.

Programs: Colin Campbell announced the following upcoming programs:
11/16 - Ralph Mancke will present a program on the
"Conservation of the Philippine Eagle"
12/7 - will be the annual Banquet featuring Kevin Karlson and a
program entitled: "For the Love of Birds: Past, Present &
Future Views of Our Connection with the Avian World"
12/21 will offer members a chance to recount their most Memorable
Birding Moments.

The program schedule for the year 2001 is still being firmed up but some programs will be:

- the Christmas Count Reports at the 1st meeting in January
- Bob Mercer will again run a Book Auction on 2/15
- Gary Stiles will present a program on on Costa Rica and
- Doug Weschler will present a program on Borneo

Committee chairs in search of nominees:

- Martin Selzer, Naomi Murphy and Bert Filemyr are looking for nominees for
this years Potter Award.

- Jane Henderson needs recommendations for the Stone Award
- And Hart Rufe is chairing the committee to find 2 new Council Members.

Ron French reported that the very nice article that appeared in the last issue of Larus on the $500 contribution made by the club to the DOS for building & repairing Osprey platforms produced two very generous contributions from club members. David Whitten sent a check for $150 and Jesse Gratham sent $100.

Roy Frock noted that while banding birds along the Kittatiny Ridge he trapped a banded adult male Coopers Hawk. Thanks to modern technology (a cell phone) he was able to learn within minutes that the bird had been banded in May 1996 in Ontario, Canada.

Mike O'Brien reported the first successful fledging of Bluebirds at the Forsythe Refuge in 8 years. Thanks to the new Peterson boxes 18 birds were fledged. He also reported that Purple Martins did well this year with 84 young fledged. At Batsto 61 Purple Martins were fledged despite the unceremonious relocation of their boxes just as the birds were arriving last spring.

Alan Brady's May 25th Pelagic trip aboard the Miss Barnegat Light still has some spots available.

Chuck Hetzel noted that the Schuylkill Center is trying to restore some habitat for the Kentucky Warblers that used to nest on the property.

Local Notes:
Ron French announced that Devitch Frabotnick has now reached #243 for his Bucks County Big Year List, shattering his father's record of 224.

Dick Lutz went to Edgewater, NJ on Saturday to check out the Monk Parakeet colony established across for the Pizza Parlor.

Roy Frock reported that a banding friend from Michigan had recovered a band from a 30 year old Golden Eagle. He also described an interesting encounter with Sharp-shinned Hawks and Blue Jays playing aerial pursuit games at Peace Valley.

Sandy Sherman continued the "Golden Eagle theme" by announcing that on Monday, as she was leaving the Academy, she had an immature Golden Eagle flying over the Parkway.

Despite the "too nice" weather, Colin Campbell had Fox Sparrow at Henlopen and because of the "too nice" weather a 1st winter Blue Grosbeak at Fort Dupont.

Rick Mellon, after 30 years of birding, finally got his lifer Henslow's Sparrow. He now needs a really good show of Northern Lights and has therefore set up an e-mail hotline. Anyone interested can join by contacting Rick.

Chuck Hetzel reported that the Schuylkill Center's organic garden in Roxborough has been producing a nice collection of sparrows this fall. He also had Indigo Bunting on October 25th .

Frank Spitzer had lots of Black throated Blue Warblers in his yard on October 18th. He also reported his 27th consecutive year with Fox Sparrows.

Sandy Sherman was in Cape May this weekend and found a dying male Black Scoter on the beach at the Meadows. She brought the body back to the Academy and learned that last male Black Scoter added to the Academy's collection was in 1934.
Colin Campbell offered a dead Monk Parakeet that's been in his freezer.

Mike O'Brien announced that this was a good year for Pipevine Swallowtails in his yard, being present from July through 10/12.

Colin then began the evening's program: the members slide show.
The winners were: Jane Henderson, Steve Kerr , Alan Brady and Colin Campbell.

Lynn Jackson for Adrian Binns

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