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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting for October 5, 2000

In the absence of President Ron French, the meeting was called to order by past President Sandy Sherman who welcomed 39 members and 11 guests.

Sandy then asked that the club take some time to remember those members who are no longer with us: Al Zaid, Harold Jackson, Ed Manners, Phil Street and John LaVia. Jan Gordon and her husband Ken were with John on Attu this fall where he suffered a fatal heart attack. A moment of silence was observed.

Joann Raine, Cecilia Deemer and F. Arthur McMorris were all nominated for membership in the club. A vote will be held at the next meeting.

Archives: Katrina Knight is currently in the process of making a full inventory and will keep us informed.

Frank Windfelter spoke in praise of the new David Sibley field guide that has just been published.

George Reynard announced that his "Birds of Jamaica" (in CD and cassette format) is currently available.

Paul Guris recommended the new Kenn Kaufmann field guide as an excellent book especially for newer birders.

Larus: Jane Henderson announced that the next issue of Larus will be the Christmas Count issue

Cassinia: Sandy Sherman is still working on the next issue

Jan Gordon urged Delaware County club members to write now to voice objections to Villanova Law School plans to buy the old Haverford State Hospital grounds. Their plans for the property would increase the already dangerous potential for flooding along the Darby Creek.

Sandy Sherman passed along an item from BIDCHAT that stated that 36 species of birds have now tested positive for the West Nile virus. People who routinely handle birds (both living and dead specimens) are warned to be careful.

Ornithological Studies:
Chuck Hetzel brought in examples of the sonograms being generated by his listening station in Roxborough. The data he and others are collecting is being sent to Cornell for analysis. He also spoke a bit about a project he was involved with this summer studying the coastal plain form of the Swamp Sparrow.

Sandy Sherman announced that she had just returned from Cape May with a cooler full of specimens including a beautiful plumaged juvenile Spotted Sandpiper.

Field Trips:
Frank Windfelter spoke about his upcoming trip to Tuckerton on 10/7 meeting at 7:30AM sharp. This is an excellent trip to observe the various races of the Salt Marsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow. Afterwards there will be an excursion to Brigantine.

The next field trip, also lead by Frank, will be the 11/4 trip to Bake Oven Knob.

Paul Guris announced that there were still spaces available on the 12/9 Pelagic. Contact Armis Hill for information.

Colin Campbell announced the following upcoming programs:
10/19 - "Birding in the Adirondacks" with Bill Barber
11/2 - the Members Slide show
11/16 - "Conservation of the Philippine Eagle" with Ralph Mancke
12/7 - the Annual Banquet with Kevin Karlson as the featured speaker.
12/21 - Memorable Moments offers club members a stage for recounting some of
their most memorable birding experiences.

Mike O'Brien announced that Sunday was the start of Refuge Week at the Forsyth Refuge (AKA Brigantine).

Local Notes:
Katrina Knight reported that Lake Ontalaunee had a flock of 10-12 Cormorants that included 2 very small birds that are being called immature Neotropical Cormorants.

Sandy Sherman noted that photographic documentation is now required for submissions to the state records committee.

Frank Windfelter had a late Common Nighthawk over his house in the NE Phila on 10/2

Sandy Sherman reported that Cape May had a Mississippi Kite on Thursday. She also noted that an adult and an immature Miss. Kite had been seen back in August at Bennett's Bog opening the question of future nesting possibilities.

Chuck Hetzel reported Bobolinks and on 10/2 an Anhinga flying over Roxborough

Colin Campbell commented on what a good summer it was for rare birds in DE. especially last week's Fork-tailed Flycatcher which lingered 1 ½ days and was photographed. Also Black-bellied Whistling Duck and the DE pelagic which produced Long-tailed Jaeger, So. Polar Skua and Bridled Terns.

Andy Ednie concurred and noted that this summer brought him 2 Life Birds and 5 State Birds in Delaware. There are also now 2 White Pelicans at Thousand Acre Marsh. Western Kingbirds are turning up in various locations in SE PA, DE and MD. There was also an adult male Painting Bunting reported from Bombay Hook last Friday.

Paul Guris noted that the Memorial Day Brielle Pelagic, coupled with the Cape May and DE pelagics turned up large numbers of Bridled Terns in the area that weekend.

Ellen Short saw the 5 Sandhill Cranes and 1 Common Crane that have been frequenting the Harmony Rd. area of Cumberland Co., NJ. There is strong speculation that this Common Crane is an escapee from 1993, recognized by a deformed toe. Reports from local farmers suggest that these birds have been breeding in the area for several years now.

Evening Program:
Colin Campbell then took the floor to introduce the evening's speaker. Paul Baicich is a birder and writer. He is also editor of BIRDING Magazine as well as editor of the ABA site guides. The program "Bird Tasks for the Millenium" looked at the history of bird trends in this country: who are we and where are we going.

Respectfully submitted.

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