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Minutes of the DVOC for February 21, 2002

President Colin Campbell called the meeting to order.
30 members and 10 guests were present.
The minutes of the February 7, 2002 meeting were read and approved.

Committee Reports and Other Reports

Conservation Committee

Jan Gordon reported that individual DVOC members have pledged an additional $17,000 to purchase new cabinets and trays needed to house the Academy's bird collection. This sum is in addition to the $4,500 already pledged by the Club itself for this effort. The Academy's Collections Manager, Nate Rice, has offered to have our members visit the collection prior to the March 21 DVOC meeting at which Nate will be our featured speaker.

Field Trips

Field Trip Chairman Adrian Binns announced that Frank Windfelder will again run -- this year on April 6 -- a trip to Pedricktown and Salem County.

Chris Walters reported that the Club's three-day Montauk Trip last weekend attracted 16 participants and located 94 species of birds. Highlights included Little Gull, Black headed Gull, King Eider, and Barrow's Goldeneye.


Emmerson Bowes announced the Club's acquisition of the Internet domain names: dvoc.org and dvoc.com. In the future we will be able to access our Website using such names.


Colin Campbell and Chris Walters announced that our deceased Past President, Bob
Sehl, left $7,500 in his Will to the DVOC Endowment Fund. We expect to receive these funds shortly.

Paul Guris announced a March 3, 2002 pelagic trip will be run out of Cape May. Paul
also announced that club member Megan Edwards, now an active trip leader for Field Guides, was married last November to another Field Guides trip leader.

Sandy Sherman announced that a Workshop to improve birding identification skills will be held at Tinicum on April 13. This Workshop will be run by Pennsylvania Audubon and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Local Notes

Among many local notes, Roy Frock reported seeing a female White-winged Crossbill this morning at Lake Nockamixan, Bucks County, while Alan Brady reported that Red Crossbills are still around Harrisonville Lake south of Chatsworth, New Jersey.

Paul Guris reported that seven (7) Red-headed Woodpeckers have been found at several localities around Green Lane Reservoir in Montgomery County, while Bald Eagles have built a nest at the Reservoir.

Colin Campbell reported Dusky Flycatcher still present in Delaware, and that Short- eared Owls are being seen at dusk along Port Mahon Road there.


Vice President Adrian Binns introduced the speaker, Doug Gill. Doug is the brother of long-time DVOC member Frank Gill and is a Professor of Biology at the University of Maryland. In delivering his program, he showed the same combination of erudition and enthusiasm we have come to associate with his brother. Doug's program discussed "Restoration of an Eastern Grassland: A Success Story," based on a new grassland created on 200 acres of Chino Farm, a 5,000 acre farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This experiment has been a remarkable success and offers hope that, by intense restoration efforts, the decline in eastern grassland birds can be slowed or even reversed.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters

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