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Minutes of the DVOC Annual Meeting of January 3, 2002

President Ron French called the meeting to order.
53 members and 1 guest were present.
The minutes of the December 20, 2001 meeting were read and approved.

Nominating Committee / Elections

In the absence of the chairman of the nomination committee Hart Rufe (in Florida, though its warmer here!), Ron French presented the proposed slate of candidate for DVOC offices to the club members.

President - Colin Campbell
Vice President - Adrian Binns
Secretary - Chris Walters
Treasurer - Naomi Murphy
Council - Anita Guris and Lynn Jackson

Going off council are Bert Filemyr and Ellen Short. A motion to accept all those in favor of the slate was accepted and duly sworn in.
Thereupon Colin Campbell took over the meeting as President, thanking Ron French for his excellent term as president, and wondered if he wished to continue for 2 more years.

Committee and other Reports

Archives - Katrina Knight presented 3 books of the bound minutes, 1964-69, 1970-75 and 1976-81. These will be kept in the academy's library.

Conservation - Jan Gordon requests that those that live in the city or frequent the Roxborough Reservoir, write to city councilman Nutter, to give their unconstitutional support to handing over the reservoir to Fairmount Park to administer, so that it can be saved for future environmental use.

Larus - Jane Henderson mentioned that the next issue would be published before mid-February.

Field Trips - Adrian Binns announced the following
January 12, 2002 - Florence, New Jersey for wintering gulls with Ward Dasey.
February 16-18, 2002 - Long Island and Montauk, New York led by Erica Brendel and Chris Walters. Bring your long-johns.

Trustee's Report - Though not yet ready, Chris Walters assures us that it has been another outstanding year, outperforming the DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P!

Programs - Adrian Binns announced the following upcoming programs
January 17 - George Armistead, will present a program on the work of the Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee (PORC).
February 7 - to be announced
February 21 - Doug Gill on "Restoring Eastern Grassland Prairies"
March 7 - Joe Majdan on "The History, Habits and Research of Purple Martins"

There were no reports f from Cassinea or Ornithological Studies.


Bernice Koplin (Banquet chairwoman) reports that she has applied on behalf of the DVOC for Sales Tax exemption, but to date has been denied. An appeal is planned. Colin Campbell suggested moving the banquet to Delaware.

Paul Guris announced that Mary Gustafson was likely to run a pelagic trip out of Cape May the first week in March for Great Skua, kittiwakes etc.

Ron French reported that counsel had approved that the club carry liability insurance, and that if any club member wished to advertise a non-DVOC trip in Larus the charge would be $5 per trip per issue.

Ron also thanked everyone for all their help during his tenure as president.

Sandy Sherman will be cataloging Phil Street and Bob Sehl's library for the upcoming auction. She also announced 2 upcoming programs, one for the BCDC on "Bird Conservation in Peru" and for the SEP-NABA on "The Butterflies of Veracruz"

Roy Frock wondered if anyone was going to publish Phil Street and or Wittmer Stone's field notes? It was generally believed that they are being kept private by the families at this time.

Local Notes

- Halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah.....Joe Majdan has finally seen a live Ruffed Grouse (a red and grey morph within minutes of each other) making this his #636 ABA bird. Now if we could just get Rick Mellon a Spruce...............
- Michael O'Brien had Pine Siskins on New Year's Day while Paul Guris has over 75 Pine Siskins at his feeders in Green Lane. A Red-headed Woodpecker was also at Green Lane Nature Center.
- Ron French reports that a Ross' Goose was at Peace Valley along with a hundred Snow Geese.
- Bert Filemyr and Bill Murphy ventured to Delaware on Dec. 29 for the Western Kingbird and found a Dusky Flycatcher, Delaware's first.
- Frank Windfelder reports that a Henslow Sparrow is being seen in Monmouth County; Varied Thrush at Garrett Mountain; White-winged Crossbills at Lawrenceville Prep; Rufous Hummingbird and Bell's Vireo at Cape May and Brigantine has Snowy Owl, American Bittern and Hermit Thrush.
- Chris Walters noted an Orange-crowned Warbler in Cape May.
- Joe Majdan has 4 meadowlarks and Eastern Towhee at his home in New Hope.
- Chuck Hetzel reports 24 American Oystercatchers on the Jersey coast.


In lieu of formal program, Adrian Binns presented a summary of the area CBC's. Highlights included a Gyr Falcon (Milford); Blue-headed Vireo (Glenolden); Bells' Vireo (Cape May); Veery (Cumberland); Rufous Hummingbird (Cape May and Cape Henlopen); Tree Swallows, 3 Barn Swallow's and Northern Rough-winged Swallow (Wilmington) and 192 Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Southern Bucks) a North American high count.
The following counts reported record high counts - Cape May (167 species), Upper Bucks-Montgomery (104), and Wilmington (92) while other CBC's that reported 100 or more species included Belleplain (129), Oceanville-Brigantine (126), Bombay Hook (124), Cumberland (119), Sandy Hook (109), Lakehurst (103), Southern Bucks (100), and Moorestown (100).

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns, acting secretary

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