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President Colin Campbell called the meeting to order.
23 members were present.
The minutes of the May 16 meeting were approved as read.

Committee Reports

Conservation Committee Chair Jan Gordon reported DVOC will soon be paying the Academy Bird Department the final $2,000 we had pledged for new cabinets to house the Academy's bird collection.
A report on Ornithological Studies was given by Davis McGovern. She discussed the trials and tribulations of monitoring the Hawkins Road, New Jersey, study site for Prothonotary Warblers. So far this year there are six (6) singing males on territory there, but evidence of nesting success has so far been discouraging.

Field Trips

Frank Windfelder reported on Don Jones' successful field trip to Hawkins Road and Bright View Farm, held on May 19.
Two field trips will be conducted this summer for shorebirds starting at Bombay Hook, Delaware. Sandy Sherman's trip will be July 21st; Ellen Short's will be August 18th.


Formal programs resume the third Thursday in September. Informal meetings without speakers will be held on Thursday, July 11 and Thursday, August 1st.

Local Notes

Four (4) South Polar Skuas, plus many Fulmars, were seen by Alan Brady and others 91 miles east of Pt. Pleasant, NJ on May 18.
Erica Brendel reported that Kate Somerville had Mourning Warbler near City Hall Philadelphia on May 24.
Roy Frock reported that Mississippi Kite was seen at Peace Valley Park in Bucks Co., PA on June 2.
Colin Campbell still has White-throated Sparrow appearing in Claymont, Delaware.
Doris McGovern reported that Tinicum Refuge hosted three (3) Black Terns this past week.
Matt Sharp reported on the status of the Peregrine Falcons nesting on nearby bridges. Three young birds have fledged from the Walt Whitman Bridge, four from the Betsy Ross Bridge, two from the PA Turnpike Bridge, and 4 from the Girard Point Bridge.
Finally, Colin Campbell reported on a pterodroma "grand slam" from the Gulf Stream off Cape Hatteras on May 25. Two Bermuda Petrel, two Fea's Petrels, 1 Herald Petrel, and many Black-capped Petrels were seen sitting on calm water for easy observation. A total of four Herald Petrel were also seen on the two previous days.

May Runs Program

A renewal of the May runs tradition, emcee'd by Chris Walters, provided the rest of the meeting. 14 different May Runs were submitted; they were compiled and summarized in a written report distributed at the meeting. Verbal reports were also given by, among others, Colin Campbell, Frank Windfelder, Al Bilheimer, Matt Sharp and Chuck Hetzel. Matt's run totalling 108 species, all found inside Philadelphia, was part of an interesting new nationwide push for big day reports within the boundaries of American cities.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Walters - Secretary

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