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President Colin Campbell greeted the 65 members and 54 guests who assembled November 21, 2002 at Williamson's Restaurant on City Line Avenue, Bala Cynwyd.

After a meal of Prime Rib, Chicken, and Pasta entrees, Colin presented the Club's Julian Potter Award to Francis Windfelder for his outstanding field work.

The Club also honored, with conservation prizes, Marylea Klander (for her 15 years' work in founding and maintaining the Militia Hill Hawkwatch and associated activities in Ft. Washington State Park, Montgomery County) and Corey Jarin (for her many years' efforts in founding and running the Peace Valley Nature Center in Bucks County). Such honors go to non-members whose work has advanced the welfare of the birding community.

The President sprung a surprise on the Club by having past President Rick Mellon announce completion of the "DVOC Checklist of the Birds of the Delaware Valley". Rick distributed copies to the audience. The Checklist will be available on the Internet at dvoc.org.

Our speaker, Scott Weidensaul, then regaled the group with a wonderful program on long-lost but re-discovered species, both avian and mammalian.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters

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