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Minutes of the DVOC for October 17, 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Colin Campbell.
43 members and 2 guests were present.
Minutes of the October 3 meeting were approved as read.

Field Trips

The Bake Oven Knob trip will be run the weekend of November 2-3. Bill Murphy and Frank Windfelder are co-leaders.


November 7 is Members' Slide Night.

November 21 is our Annual Banquet. Great speaker - Scott Weidensaul. Location is on Route 1 at Williamson's Restaurant, a mile south of the Schuylkill Expressway. Feel free to invite a guest.

December 5 - Amir Balaban will speak on the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, its functions and plans. This Observatory is Israel's leading wildlife site.

December 19 will be another "Memorable Moments in Birding." Each of us can tell our own tales - whether tall tales or short ones.


Pennsylvania will soon launch its second Breeding Bird Atlas Project. Dan Brauning will head up the Project. We will all hear more about this in the months ahead.

Two winter Pelagic trips are coming up, one on Saturday, November 16 out of Lewes, Delaware and another on Friday, December 6 out of Cape May. These will be led by Paul Guris, Mary Guftafson, and others.

Pennypack Watershed Trust, just outside Philadelphia, now has 16 acres of prairie grasslands. This is a remarkable effort to restore this rare habitat in our area.

DVOC member Ken Kaufmann will be speaking on October 28 at the Philadelphia Free Library.

Local Notes

Among the many local notes were these:

1. In Cape May County, a Long-billed Curlew was seen by Paul Guris, Ed Finkel, and others October 7-8 at Nummy's Island; a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper was seen October 8 at the Wetlands Institute by Paul Guris and others; and many Parasitic and some Pomerine Jaegers were reported seen from shore on the bayside by Alan Brady and Ed Finkel during the October 10-13 period.

2. In Delaware, a Magnificent Frigatebird was reported by Colin Campbell to have been seen off Cape Henelopen.

3. At Peace Valley in Bucks County, Ron French reported three White-winged Scoters October 11 and Goshawk October 12. Ron also had Goshawk October 16 at Palmyra, NJ suspiciously near Burlington Island, where our World Series Team and others have reported seeing a Goshawk from time to time since last May. Could there have been a nesting pair in the area?

4. Frank Windfelder reported an interesting behavior at Sapsucker drill holes. Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Hummingbirds are attracted to the running sap and to insects caught in the sap.

5. At Palmyra, NJ, Al Driscoll and Ward Dasey had ten warbler species on October 13, including Connecticut, plus Lincoln's and White-crowned Sparrows.

Featured Program

Our own Adrian Binns gave an interesting presentation on "Britain's Seabird Colonies." His talk was backed by great slides taken during a June 2002 trip by Adrian and his wife Jane. Adrian's talk was full of facts and details, and led to a number of questions from members.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters

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