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Minutes of the DVOC for October 3, 2002

President Colin Campbell called the meeting to order.
4 guests and 29 members were present.
Minutes of the September 19 meeting were approved as read.

Committee Reports

Cassinia is soliciting final articles and contributions. See Sandy Sherman.

Field Trips

On October 12 Frank Windfelder will lead us to Tuckerton Marshes and Brigantine.

The Bake Oven Knob trip for hawks will occur the weekend of November 2 and 3. The exact date will depend on weather patterns and will be decided on by DVOC's "Weathermen", Frank Windfelder and Bill Murphy.


October 17 - Since Adrian is away in Vera Cruz, Mexico, we decided he should give the October 17 Program. The subject may be British Seabird Colonies.

Members' Slide Night is scheduled for November 7. This is our chance to show off our photos, our travels to exotic places, and the ugly pictures we took of other birders. Do not miss this fun event!

November 21 is the Annual Banquet, Scott Weidensaul the speaker. Seating may be limited to 100, so get your reservations in.


Paul Guris and Mary Guftenson will together run two upcoming Pelagics- first, a November 16 trip out of Lewes, Delaware. Targets: Jaegers and Red Phalaropes. Second, a December 6 trip out of Cape May on the Morning Star.

Local Notes

Our own Past President, Ron French, celebrated his recent retirement by staring at a Yellow Rail in Pennsylvania. Ron and others saw this bird, plus SedgeWren and Sora, on October 2 on private land in lower Bucks County owned by the Penn Warner Club. This bird was Ron's 698th life bird for North America.

Roy Frock reported on the widespread deaths of birds, especially including Great Horned Owls and Red-tailed Hawks, due to the West Nile virus.

Sandy Sherman reported on the juvenile Swainsons Hawk (intermediate phase) which is lingering in the Higbee Beach area of Cape May.

Al Bilheimer reported a juvenile male Ruff seen by him and others last Saturday on Rohm & Haas property in Bristol, PA.

On a tuna fishing boat expedition on September 29-30, off New Jersey, Paul Guris had Fulmer, Cory's Shearwater, and Pomerine Jaeger. He also reported hearing of tens of thousands of Greater Shearwaters off Massachusetts last week.

Featured Program

Frank Windfelder delivered his interesting and insightful "Vagrant Birds" power point program. The program was well received, except for the shameful way he "roasted" one of our members. The face of a freak unexpectedly appeared at the end of this program. It was immediately recognizable as Frank himself, and thus was especially well received by the members.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters

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