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DVOC Minutes for April 17, 2003

40 members and 8 guests took their seats as President Colin Campbell called the meeting to order.
The prior meeting's minutes were approved with one correction.
Cliff Hence was elected to membership, and Anita Guris announced five new membership candidates: Andy Urquhart, Alison Ellicott, Scott Henderson, Sandra Keller, and John Goschke.


Jan Gordon, for Conservation, announced two upcoming Philadelphia bird walks at Bartram's Gardens.
Chuck Hetzel, for Ornithological Studies, announced that the DVOC website will soon list key pieces of ornithological literature. Colin Campbell then enlivened our proceedings with a series of laughable press reports on birds and birding misadventures.

Field Trips:

Frank Windfelder's April 5th trip to Salem County found two Ross' Geese "up close and personal", plus Bald Eagles, Snipe, Rusty Blackbird and many spring arrivals.

Upcoming field trips include Pea Patch Heronry April 27 (Colin Campbell leading), Ft. Washington State Park May 4 (Bill Murphy leader), the 3-day Delmarva/Pokomoke trip May 2-4 (Colin Campbell leading), Carpenter's Woods May 17 (Erica Brendel presiding), and Hawkins Road/Brightview Farm May 18 (Don Jones in charge).


Paul Kerlinger of CMBO fame will visit May 1 and tell us how birds intersect with wind power and wind turbines.

May 15 will be our speaker from Israel, Amir Balaban, all about the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.
And on June 5, we have many mini-speakers - our own members - recounting their May Big Days to our audience of skeptical listeners.


Paul Guris will lead a pelagic on April 26 out of Belmar, NJ searching for Skuas.

Local Notes:

An adult Little Gull appeared April 11 at Lake Nockamixon. Brady and Hart Rufe reporting.
Jones and Driscoll had Stilt Sandpiper yesterday at Tuckerton, NJ.
Many members have witnessed the spring arrival of Purple Martins and Louisiana Waterthrushes, while Steve Kerr had Hooded Warbler, Indigo Bunting, and hordes of Double-crested Cormorants at Cape May last Saturday. Steve also had Black-throated Green Warbler last week at the Gwynnd Preserve in Pennsylvania.
Walt Peoples reported on raptor migration this week at Sandy Hook, NJ. More than 100 accipiters and more than 50 falcons - but no Broad-winged Hawks - passed by moving north on the day of Walt's visit.
Visitor Mick Jeitner reported second-hand on the 12,000 Greater and Lesser Snow Geese - plus intermediate forms of Canada Geese - in Salem County April 6.
In Delaware April 13, Colin Campbell had Razorbill at Dewey Beach, adult Little Gull at Kitts Hummock, and a pair of Ruffs plus a Stilt Sandpiper at Bombay Hook NWR.
Finally, a second-hand report was received from Skip Conant, that a pair of Sandhill Cranes arrived March 25 to nest in farmfields in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania.

Featured Program

Dr. Bob Curry, Associate Professor of Biology at Villanova University, presented a power point program on Chickadee hybridization. Despite the advances in DNA research, much remains unknown as the hybrid belt (between Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees) continues to march north.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters


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