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Minutes of the DVOC for January 16, 2003

31 members and 10 guests were present, with both the President and Vice-President absent. Hence, Secretary Walters became the "Acting Acting President" and called the meeting to order. The minutes were approved as read.

Our esteemed Acting Acting President then reported to the masses on the previous week's Council meeting, perhaps the first in the history of the Campbell reign. Anita Guris was appointed to chair a new Membership Committee.

The Acting Acting President next put on his Trustee's hat and gave a brief presentation on the state of the club's endowment. The Endowment Fund will send $3,350 in 2002 earnings to the Treasurer for the club's operating purposes. Endowment assets were at $101,000 as of January 1. The endowment benefited last year from a $7,500 gift left in the will of past president Bob Sehl.

Bert Filemyr reported on the club's new bird checklists, mostly available on the Web site, but with a few in print and on sale at $3 each.

Wrested from their handler, DVOC sweatshirts and caps made their first appearance for sale in many a moon and were quickly gobbled up.

Field Trips

Future Field Trip plans were offered, including Jan. 25 at Florence, N.J., for gull-watching and Feb. 1, along the North Shore of New Jersey for alcid fun, both to be led by Field Trip Chair Adrian Binns.


Program Chair Binns reported on the next few programs. The next meeting, Feb. 6, Bill Evans will present "Nocturnal Calls of Migrating Birds." On Feb. 20, Steve Hoffman of Pennsylvania Audubon will tell us about his organization's role in the state's Important Bird Areas. On March 6, club member George Armistead will offer us his interpretation of his summer stay on Alaska's Pribilof Islands.

Ornithological Studies

Ornithological Studies was graced with Paul Guris's excellent illustrated explanation of the three large alcids, complete with waterproof, laminated handout sheets (just kidding) for anyone who just might be getting on one of his upcoming pelagic trips.

Local Notes

Paul noted alcids are out there, along with Northern Fulmars. Also, along the North Shore on Jan. 15, Paul and Anita Guris had 3,000 Common Mergansers at Manasquan Reservoir.

JoAnn Raine reported Northern Shrike and Northern Mockingbird in the same tree at Green Lane Reservoir.

Alan Brady said that during a trip to Andrews Point in Massachusetts, he couldn't look out over the ocean with his binoculars without seeing Razorbills. He also reported Harlequin Ducks at that location and a Gyrfalcon in Boston.

Chris Walters noted that during the Philadelphia Mid-Winter Bird Census on Jan. 11 in the Fort Mifflin area, he and Mike did not see or hear a crow all day.


Guest speaker Jim Lockyer, a U.S. Forest Service biologist for more than 30 years and coordinator of the Rose Tree Park Hawkwatch, gave an excellent presentation on the effort of counting migrating hawks at this Delaware County park in spring and fall. His Power Point bird's-eye view helped the audience understand why the raptors are choosing the routes that they take and how this count, sponsored by the Birding Club of Delaware County, fits in with others in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Sherman
Acting Secretary


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