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Minutes of the DVOC for March 6, 2003

The group of 33 members and 6 guests were called to order by President Colin Campbell.

Connie Goldman and Hank Hox were elected to membership.

A letter nominating Eric Pilotte as a new member was read.


For Membership Committee, Anita Guris announced the publication of a new yellow DVOC brochure, which members can distribute on pelagics or at nature centers or elsewhere.

For Conservation Committee, Jan Gordon announced that public fund-raising for the new East Park Reservoir Nature Center in Philadelphia will start after the signing of official agreements between National Audubon, the City, and Fairmount Park Commission.

Chuck Hetzel reported that the Club's Website will carry a new introduction on Ornithological Studies. Chris Walters then tried to deliver a ornithological studies talk on the key field differences between Spotted Sandpiper and its Eurasian cousin, the Common Sandpiper. He asks that "Pop-up" beer advertisements please be banned from future "Orni Studies."


March 20 - Kevin McGowen is coming from Ithaca, NY to tell us all about "The Uncommon Crow."

April 3 - David Brinker will speak on Goshawks, and their recovery in Eastern forests.


A pelagic is scheduled out of Lewes, Delaware on March 15. See Paul Guris for details.

Local Notes

Matt Sharp reported that Peregrines appear to be nesting this season on the Commodore Barry, Betsy Ross, PA Turnpike and Girard Point bridges, but not downtown on buildings and not on the Ben Franklin bridge. A pair of Red-tails is nesting on City Hall.

Matt also told of his discovery of a possible Glaucous-winged Gull at Florence, NJ. Efforts persist to relocate this bird.

Colin Campbell reported an adult Thayer's Gull was seen in Wilmington, Delaware at the Cherry Island Landfill.

George Armistead, having spent four months last summer on the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea, entertained the Club with great slides and commentary on the birders, fur seals, and Aleut residents living there. His program was interesting and quite well-received.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters


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