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DVOC Minutes for May 1, 2003

38 members and 6 guests attended as President Colin Campbell called the meeting to order.
The prior meeting's minutes were approved as corrected.
Five new members were announced: Andy Urquhart, Alison Ellicott, Scott Henderson, Sandra Keller, and John Goschke.


Jan Gordon, for Conservation, encouraged members to make pledges supporting DVOC's World Series of Birding team. Proceeds will support a new environmental education center at West Park Reservoir in Philadelphia.

On Ornithological Studies, Matt Sharp delivered a summary of competing views on the question of whether or not Iceland Gull, Thayer's Gull and Kumlien's Gull are all one species. More DNA work may be needed to resolve this debate.

Field Trips:

Colin Campbell reported on the April 27 Three Forts Trip. The 15 participants had 75 species, including 8 of the 9 species of Herons and Ibis nesting at the Pea Patch heronry.

Eight upcoming field trips were announced, all scheduled within the next six weeks.

A pelagic on June 7 is also scheduled.


Our May 15 speaker will be Amir Balaban from the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.

The last regular meeting before our summer informal meetings will be June 5, when members are encouraged to come and report on their Big Day and May Run accomplishments.


Paul Guris encouraged collection of data on the nesting of Louisiana Waterthrush. This species is indicative of high quality streams. Members can submit this data to Paul.

Local Notes:

Don Jones reported on the return of Prothonotary Warblers to the Hawkins Road, NJ study site. Initial arrival of April 28 was about a week later than usual.
Matt Sharp reported good news: Peregrine chicks have hatched on several bridges around Philadelphia. It is significant that this year Peregrines are also using nesting cliffs on both the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers.
Paul Guris reported on the arrival, at the Unami Valley on April 29, of Scarlet Tanager, Ovenbird, and Wood Thrush.
David McGovern reported Ospreys nesting in Philadelphia, one at the Glen Ford Mansion on the Delaware.
Farther afield, Al Driscoll reported on a 4 day pelagic 100 miles off San Diego. Seven Red-billed Tropicbirds and 15 Murphy's Petrels were seen.


Paul Kerlinger, former head of Cape May Bird Observatory and now a consultant to the wind power industry, delivered the featured program. His talk, on the future of wind power projects and their impact on birds, waded into controversial areas and brought out many interested questions.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters


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