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Minutes of the DVOC
April 15, 2004

The evening’s guest president was Colin Campbell. I guess Adrian thought since Colin speaks as funny as he does, nobody would notice that he’s a fill-in. Colin called the meeting to order at 7:40. 50 members and 6 guests attended.

The minutes of April 1 were approved as read.

Committee Reports
Membership Committee: Anita Guris announced that she had DVOC hand-out cards, and asked people to stock them at nature centers, refuges, etc. Not content to rest on her laurels, mainly because laurel branches are kind of pointy and very uncomfortable, she announced 3 more candidates for membership; Steve Caser, Michelle Frankell, and Jen Johnson.

Conservation: No report.

Larus: No report.

Cassinia: No report.

Field Trips: Frank Windfelder reported on his annual Salem County trip on April 3. Frank said that he lost several people. Hopefully they are not still lost. The early part of the day had no Woodcock, no Ross’ Goose, and an 8:45 stop at Richmond’s Ice Cream. Anita Guris declared that it sounded like a successful trip to her. Later, the group racked up Sandhill Crane, Eurasian Wigeon, Barn Owl, and a Ross’ Goose. Don Jones and his band of renegade participants had 3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, an Iceland Gull, a Greater White-fronted Goose, and a Ross’ Goose.

Doris McGovern described the upcoming “Three Old Forts Trip” on April 25, which has a unique and fun sounding itinerary.

Colin Campbell described his “Birding the Gourmet Hotspots of southern Delaware and Maryland” on May 7-9. The trip starts out at Helen’s sausage, which serves scrapple. Knowing that Colin is a Scot, which means he’s from the land of haggis, you understand why he considers scrapple to be a gourmet dish.

Don Jones announced his trip to Hawkins Road and Brightview Farm on May 16. Meet at 6:30 at the bridge on Hawkins Road.

Web Site: Bert gave a nice tour and explanation of DVOC’s web site.

Programs: Chris Walters announced the following upcoming programs:

May 6: Laurie Goodrich from Hawk Mountain will present “Saving Species While They are Still Common”.

May 20: Jim Chace will present a program on “Avian Diversity and Cowbird Parasitism in Southeast Arizona”.

June 4: This will be the annual May round-up meeting. Bring your big day results, stories, tall tales, exaggerations, outright lies, puns, riddles, and witty anecdotes.

Archives: No report.

Erica Brendell brought thank you notes from a group of 5th graders they brought birding.

Paul Guris announced that the World Series of Birding funds we raise will be used towards several great projects, including habitat restoration at Pennypack Restoration Trust, a banding project at Palmyra Cove, and possibly help with the Ecological Research and Development Group signage program.

Paul Guris read an article on the Big Bird Race, in which the largest bookmaker in England set up betting on radio tagged Shy Albatrosses winging their way from Australia to South Africa. The bookmaker put up the funds for the radio transmitters, and will be donating all of its profits to conservation of the birds.

Bob Rufe announced that U.S. Fish & Wildlife had great reports on the economic impacts of birding, and have now done many state by state summaries. Copies of these reports can be purchased, or can be downloaded from their site as PDFs.

Art McMorris announced that he had his Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas map and was looking for volunteers to cover blocks within his page. He also mentioned that Barb McGlaughlin and Doris McGovern were also looking for volunteers for their areas.

Paul Guris announced, particularly to new members and guests, that DVOC’s web site had an article called “Birder Beware”, warning of the danger of unethical tour operators.

Local Notes
Colin Campbell gave a second-hand report of an adult Little Gull at Taylor’s Gut in DE.

Frank Windfelder gave a second-hand report of a Purple Gallinule at the Wetlands Institute at Stone Harbor in NJ.

Molly Daley gave a second-hand report of a Painted Bunting in York County, PA. Al Bilheimer reported that he went to see the bird, an adult male.

Paul Guris reported that he still had 30 Purple Finches at his feeder in Green Lane, PA.

Ornithological Studies
Bert Filemyr gave a great presentation on the Endemic Birds of North America, allowing members and guests to guess just how many birds had never been seen outside of the ABA area. The answers were 39 in North America, 9 of which have only been seen in the United States. One of the fascinating tidbits was that Carolina Chickadee has been seen in once Canada, with one record of a banded bird at Point Pelee.

Frank Gill presented “Citizen Science in Ornithology”, an excellent presentation on the past, present, and future use of citizen gathered data. Towards this end, he is also working with a group to create a standard set of unique worldwide English species names. Just don’t ask about the hyphens!

The meeting adjourned around 9:50.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul A. Guris