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Minutes of the DVOC
January 8, 2004

Colin Campbell called our annual meeting to order at 7:41. 41 members and 1 guest attended, obviously attracted to DVOC's annually well stocked birder feeder.

The minutes of December 18 were approved as read.

Treasurers Report

Naomi Murphy gave the annual treasurer's report for 2003. Some of the highlights were:

- We had a net cash flow of $2,411.22
- World Series of Birding pledges brought in $4,823 for conservation
- We had one large capital expense of over $2,000 for our digital projector
- 29 new members joined us in 2003. No figures were given on the number who left screaming into the night.
- Our accounts held $11,808.25 at the end of the year, even after the Murphy's were mysteriously able to afford yet another trip to Peru.

Trustee's Report

Chris Walters presented the Trustee's report for 2003. Our Windsor Fund was up approximately 35%. This past year the trustees decided to diversify the bond holdings to include two corporate bond funds. The endowment was valued at over $116,000 at the end of 2003. The trustees will be discussing their own Peru trips for 2004.

Mr. Walters mysteriously restated our 2002 numbers to the upside after a supposedly unrelated SEC announcement that they would step up investigation of non-profit trust malfeasance.


The club elected Fellows for their loyalty and service to the club. The following members were elected as Fellows; Emerson Bowes, Al Driscoll, Andy Ednie, Mike Fritz, Anita Guris, Lynn Jackson, Bernice Koplan, Joseph Koplan, Doris McGovern, Martin Selzer, and Jack Siler. New fellows will please remit their $500 “Fellow Fee” to the incoming Secretary.

The club elected Adrian Binns as President, Chris Walters as Vice President, Paul Guris as Secretary, and Naomi Murphy as Treasurer. The suggested slate of officers that allowed Adrian and Paul to be seated together in front of members and potential members caused many to question the mental condition of the Nominating Committee.

Past President's Farewell Address

Colin Campbell gave a fairly painless goodbye and, as any outgoing President, took personal credit for anything good that happened and ignored anything bad that happened.

At this point, Adrian and Paul took over the front table. The next two years should be interesting. Adrian thanked the outgoing President, stated his intention to continue the good work, and told Colin not to let the door hit him in the ... well, you know where.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee: Anita Guris reported that Arnella Trent became our first new member of 2004, and found out about the club from our leaflets at Bombay Hook.

Field Trips: Adrian Binns announced upcoming field trips, including the Philadelphia mid-winter census on January 10, a trip to Dix Wildlife Management Area on January 11, a trip for gulls at Florence on January 15, and the annual Montauk trip on February 17-19.

Cassinia: Bert Filemyr report that Cassinia was at the printers.

Membership Directory: Bert Filemyr reported that the membership directory was completed and in the house. He noted that the directory contained a WSB pledge form, to start prying those wallets open as early as possible.

Programs: Chris Walters announced that next meeting's program would be Bob Mulvihill speaking on highlights from the past 40 years at Powdermill Nature Preserve. February 5th's program will be Dan Brauning discussing Peregrine Falcons.


Adrian Binns asked that any members attending field trips try to let the leaders know in advance, so they can sleep in if nobody is going to show up. He also mentioned that all field trip information was up on the club’s web-site.

Art McMorris announced that he was the coordinator of DeLorme page 81 for the upcoming Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas. He begged and groveled for help in covering this area.

Dorris McGovern two-upped Art and announced that she was the coordinator of DeLorme pages 92, 93, and 94 for the upcoming Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas. She begged and groveled even more.

JoAnne Raine mentioned that the Powdermill Nature Preserve web site provided great digital bird photos from their banding program.

Paul Guris announced a February 28 pelagic out of Lewes, DE and the annual late winter pelagic out of Cape May, NJ on March 7.

Election of Honorary Members

Chris Walters presided over the election of two new honorary members; Dave Cutler and Frank Gill. Both have provided long service to both the DVOC and the birding community as a whole. The election of Mr. Cutler was unanimous, with Alan Brady abstaining after stating that when he was young, he had earned the Dave Cutler ornithology merit badge, and it was a “huge mistake”. Frank Gill was elected by unanimous vote plus one unidentified sneeze.

Local Notes

Anita Guris reported 50 Purple Finches at her feeder in Green Lane, PA.

Frank Windfelder reported a White-fronted Goose along Rt. 73 in Pennsauken that was possibly of the Greenland race. He then expounded upon the field marks of the White-fronted races as only Frank Windfelder can.

JoAnne Raine reported 30 Common Redpolls, 50 Snow Buntings, Horned Larks, and a Lapland Longspur at Barnegat, and a Bohemian Waxwing at Island Beach,

Erica Brendell reported a very cooperative Eastern Screech-Owl at Carpenter's Woods.

Jeff Holt reported 2 Long-eared Owls at Red Bank Battlefield Park in National Park, NJ.

Tom Bailey reported 16 Long-eared Owls at various places in south Jersey this winter.

Colin Campbell reported that Paul Lehman had seen a Black Guillemott from the Cape May - Lewes Ferry, near the Lewes breakwater. A chase trip on a chartered boat failed to relocate the bird.

Doris McGovern gave a secondhand report of a Barred Owl and a Blue-headed Vireo at Tinicum.


The program was the annual Christmas Bird Count roundup. Results from about 20 CBCs were presented. Some presentations were longer than others, and some a lot longer.

The meeting adjourned, and food and beverages were liberally consumed.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul A. Guris