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Minutes of the DVOC
May 20, 2004

Most notable was a sighting of our casual vagrant President Adrian Binns actually presiding. The meeting was called to order at 7:35. 36 members and 3 guests attended.

The minutes of May 6 were approved as read.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee: Anita Guris brought membership packets for 7 new members, all of which were no-shows. At least we have their money. She announced that handouts and membership forms were available.

Conservation: Naomi Murphy reported on the state of our World Series of Birding pledges. The total amount expected to be raised is about $3,000.

Anita said the spiffy “Lagerhead Shrike” shirts would be available for $30. Unwashed shirts worn by one of the team members will go for $300. Requests for team undergarments will not be fulfilled.

Larus: No report.

Cassinia: No report.

Field Trips: Bill Murphy reported 4 participants and 15 species of warblers on the May 9 Ft. Washington field trip. Next year he hopes to have 8 participants and 30 species of warblers.

Colin Campbell’s southern Delaware and Maryland trip on May 7-9 found 151 species. Highlights included Eurasian Wigeon, Curlew Sandpiper, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Red-headed Woodpecker, and Cliff Swallows. In fine DVOC tradition, it was impossible to accurately count the number of participants officially on the field trip, but Colin estimated 10 or so. Of course if that assessment was made after a few pints, it may have actually been 5 or so.

Don Jones’ trip to Hawkins Road and Brightview Farm on May 16 had Hooded, Black & White, Prothonotary, and Blue-winged Warblers, Acadian Flycatcher, and Grasshopper Sparrow.

Art McMorris announced two trips to the Ridley Creek area on May 22 & 27. He hopes to beat Bill Murphy’s trip in both warbler species and participants.

Programs: June 3 will be the annual May round-up meeting. Send totals to Chris Walters.

Summer Meetings: IMPORTANT NOTE: The July 1 and August 5 informal summer meetings will be held at the Palmyra Cove Nature Center in New Jersey, rather than at the Academy of Natural Sciences. George Reynard will speak informally about his life of birding. The September 2 informal meeting will still be at the Academy.

Sept. 23: This meeting is actually on the 4th Thursday of the month.

Web Site: No report.

Archives: All of the Conrad Roland artwork and other material have been archived, and will be made available on CD.

Paul Guris announced that there was still room on the See Life Paulagics pelagic trip out of Lewes, DE on June 5.

Paul Guris, Bert Filemyr, Adrian Binns, and Eric Pilotte of Team Lagerhead discussed their winning World Series of Birding total of 219 species. Bert used his technological wizardry to download the day’s GPS readings and overlay them onto maps to show the team’s route. No warranty was expressed or implied on the actual accuracy or feasibility of running that route.

Local Notes
Bill Murphy reported Mississippi Kite and Bicknell’s Thrush at Ft. Washington State Park.

Art McMorris reported that on Tuesday, he had Bicknell’s Thrush in Ridley Creek State Park. He also reported that there were 10 Peregrine chicks on the Philadelphia bridges.

Erica Brendell reported that the Barred Owl was still in the Carpenter’s Woods area.

Paul Guris reported finding a singing Clay-colored Sparrow in the Wantage grasslands.

Adrian Binns reported on a Wilson’s Phalarope seen in the Newtown area. Nancy Bilheimer also reported on this bird, as well as a Black-billed Cuckoo.

Tom Bailey reported that Paul Driver had a pair of Red-necked Phalaropes in Palmyra.

Anita Guris reported seeing a “Lawrence’s” Warbler at Peter’s Valley on May 14.

Joanne Raine reported seeing 14 species of warbler at Sandy Hook, including a very strange bird with a cream-colored head that was either a warbler or vireo.

Ornithological Studies
Art McMorris presented “How Did It Get THAT Name”, using specimens from the Academy. We’re still awaiting an explanation of the name “Art’s Love Puffin”.


Jim Chace presented a program on “Avian Diversity and Cowbird Parasitism in Southeast Arizona”, highlighting his research there.

The meeting adjourned at about 10:10.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul A. Guris