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Minutes of the DVOC
May 6, 2004

Substituting as President for the ethereal Adrian Binns was Rick Mellon. Rick called the meeting to order at 7:50. 41 members and 7 guests attended.

The minutes of April 15 were approved as read.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee: Anita Guris announced that Steve Caser, Michelle Frankell, and Jen Johnson as our latest new members. Maryjane Manherz, Deane Smith, Bob Schaefer, and Sally Lethersich are on deck. With all these new dues coming in, look for our treasurer Naomi Murphy and her boy-toy Bill to be taking more frequent trips to South America.

Conservation: Jan Gordon reported that World Series of Birding pledges stood at $1800, and asked that people pledge for our good causes. Chris Walters, in a fit of religious ecstasy and practically speaking in tongues, doubled his pledge.

Jan also reported that the William Penn Foundation was helping out National Audubon on the East Park Reservoir project by dealing with city officials, something they are eminently qualified to do.

Larus: No report.

Cassinia: No report.

Field Trips: Doris McGovern reported on the “Three Old Forts Trip” on April 25. There were 34 participants and 74 species were seen. Highlights were great looks at Blue Grosbeak and 6-8 Yellow-crowned Night-Herons.

Colin Campbell announced his “Birding the Gourmet Hotspots of southern Delaware and Maryland” on May 7-9. Requests in advance for committing to this trip yielded an expectation of anywhere from 5 to 25 participants, an estimate worthy of a government economist.

Martin Selzer announced a warbler walk with Bill Murphy at Ft. Washington for May 9.

Don Jones announced his trip to Hawkins Road and Brightview Farm on May 16. Meet at 6:30 at the bridge on Hawkins Road.

Art McMorris announced two trips to the Ridley Creek area on May 22 & 27.

Web Site: Bert Filemyr was busy scouting for DVOC’s World Series of Birding team, hence there was no report.

Programs: Chris Walters announced the following upcoming programs:

May 20: Jim Chace will present a program on “Avian Diversity and Cowbird Parasitism in Southeast Arizona”.

June 3: This will be the annual May round-up meeting. Send in your totals to Chris Walters, and please tell us about your day. This includes the birds as well as amusing run-ins with police, locals, and unexpected ditches in the road shoulder.

Summer Meetings: IMPORTANT NOTE: The July 1 and August 5 informal summer meetings will be held at the Palmyra Cove Nature Center in New Jersey, rather than at the Academy of Natural Sciences. George Reynard will speak informally about his life of birding. The September 2 informal meeting will still be at the Academy.

Sept. 23: Be aware that this meeting, for some reason that your secretary isn’t privy to, is breaking with tradition and has been moved to the 4th Thursday of the month. I smell a whiff of scandal in the air!

Archives: No report.

Paul Guris asked for help scouting for the World Series of Birding, so that the DVOC team could once again crush their competition like the insignificant worms that they are.

Paul Guris announced that See Life Paulagics was running a pelagic trip out of Lewes, DE on June 5.

Dave Long said that the exhibit “Ducks, Decoys, and the Delaware” will be at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown.

Anita Guris said that she would take orders for those cool and spiffy Lagerhead Shrike team shirts that you’ve seen your WSB wearing. Price is TBD.

Local Notes
Ron French reported Turkeys displaying at his car. What the heck is Ron driving?

John Goshki reported a Barred Owl in Carpenter’s Woods on 4/16.

Nikolas Haass reported Worm-eating and Prothonotary Warblers at the John Heinz refuge on 4/25.

Jan Gordon reported that she had a House Wren building a nest in a traffic cone.

Bob Mercer, in an area south of Yardley, reported Screech Owl, Blue-winged Warbler singing an odd song, and a Golden-winged Warbler.

Colin Campbell reported a 2nd hand Swallow-tailed Kite at White Clay Creek on 5/2.

Paul Guris reported that while scouting for WSB, they had 18 species of warbler in the High Point and Stokes area on May 1. The group also had Black-necked Stilt at Cook’s Beach and the lingering Purple Gallinule at the Wetland’s Institute on May 2.

Doris McGovern reported an American Bitter at John Heinz Refuge.

Ornithological Studies
Art McMorris presented “Porphyrin Pigments in Bird Feathers”. He discussed their role in coloration, how they were less common than other pigments, and showed how they glowed bright pink in black light when shined on a Saw-whet Owl specimen. Despite her best efforts, Anita Guris was unable to pocket one of the owls to bring home and put on the fireplace mantle.

May 6: Laurie Goodrich from Hawk Mountain will present “Saving Species While They are Still Common”. Her excellent and varied program covered much of the work being pursued by Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

The meeting adjourned at about 9:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul A. Guris