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Minutes of the DVOC
January 20, 2005

Adrian Binns called the meeting to order at 7:30. 44 members and 3 guests attended. The minutes for December 16 were approved as read.

Committee Reports
Membership Committee: Connie Goldman announced 3 new candidates for membership; Brian Raicich, Brian Quindlan, and Ashley Hazen all from the Upper Mainline YMCA. It looks like the committee is off to a quick start for 2005!

She also announced that DVOC information cards were available up front, and asked members to take some and place them at nature centers, wildlife refuges, and other places where they birded. New membership forms were also available.

Conservation: No report.

Cassinia: Art McMorris reported that work is progressing on the latest issue, and the he is accepting manuscripts for the next issue. A tower of editorial power, Art is attempting to get publication of Cassinia up to date.

Field Trips: The following field trip reports were made:
• Chris Walters: Reported that the annual Philadelphia Mid-winter Bird Census took place on Jan. 8. It was a tough rainy day in the morning, which caused low numbers. 83 species were found. Highlights included a very bizarre flock of Rough-winged Swallows, Ovenbird, and Iceland Gull. 44 birders participated.
• Paul Guris: Reported on the trip to Dix WMA in Cumberland County, NJ on Jan. 9. Highlights were two Clay-colored Sparrows, a very cooperative Red-shouldered Hawk, Catbird, Towhee, Fox Sparrow, and over a dozen Bald Eagles, including many pairs on active nests.
• Chris Walters: Reported that the annual Montauk trip on Jan. 15-17 was a success. Highlights included Harris's Sparrow, Cackling Goose, Snowy Owl, Barrow's Goldeneye, Razorbills, American Bittern, Eurasian Wigeon, and Iceland Gull.

Adrian Binns announced the following field trips:
- January 22 gull trip with Matt Sharp to the Tullytown area.
- Sun, January 23 trip to Barnegat with Adrian Binns will probably be cancelled due to snow.
- Sat, January 29 trip to the north shore of New Jersey with Martin Selzer

Archives: No report.

Programs: Chris Walters announced the following upcoming programs:
• 02/03: Randy Little will present “For the Birds: Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology at Sapsucker Woods.”
• 02/17: Martin Wikelski will present “Migration of Swainson’s and Hermit Thrushes.”
• 03/03: Carolee Caffrey will present "Effects of West Nile Virus on Crows and Other Wildlife".

Web Site: Adrian Binns asked for a show of hands from the membership to see who was actively using the club's web site. Nearly 2/3 of the room indicated that they did. Bert is planning on some adult content to get the hold-outs to use our site. Watch for pictures of Frank Windfelder in a thong. Scratch that. Watch OUT for pictures of Frank Windfelder in a thong.

Archives: No report.

• Adrian Binns: He'll be running a trip to Ontario for northern owls on Feb. 11-13. There are many Great Grays, a few Hawk Owls, and Boreal Owl is Amherst Island.
• Adrian Binns: Leo Joseph, Assistant Curator of the Ornithology Dept. at the Academy of Natural Sciences is being laid off in 6 months. We've had a good relationship with both Leo and Nate Rice. Adrian read a letter to the Academy asking about their plans concerning support of the Ornithology Dept.
• Paul Guris: Announced there was still room on the Jan. 29 pelagic out of Belmar, NJ. The trip will be targeting inshore alcids.

Local Notes
• Nikolas Haass: Reported Cackling Goose at Lido Beach, Long Island. He also some smaller, darker Canadas that he thought might be of the interior race.
• Joanne Rain: Northern Shrike is still at the Pennypack Environmental Restoration Trust, as well as a Barred Owl.
• Frank Windfelder: Reported that 65 species were seen on the Pennypack CBC. In his Palmyra big year, he still has not seen American Crow, but has found 3 Saw-whet Owls.
• Alan Brady: Reported 3 Short-eared Owls at Peace Valley Park.
• Linda Rowan: 3 Rusty Blackbirds were at Silver Lake Nature Center.
• Colin Campbell: Did a Pacific Northwest "twitch", racking up Redwing, Baikal Teal, Falcate Duck, and McKay's Bunting.

Ornithological Studies
Adrian Binns presented a short primer on the separation of Loggerhead and Northern Shrikes, which is timely with the Northern Shrike reports at PERT and in Delaware. Club members are now prepared to separate the two in direct comparison when stuffed and in a museum tray. Actually, the program was quite good and the side by sides of the skins showed a remarkable amount of difference between the two species.

Making the meeting feel like Adrian TV ("all Adrian, all the time"), he also was the evening's speaker. His program was "Birding in Bharat Pur", which is a large man-made wetland in India. Photos of tigers, storks, cranes, kingfishers, waterfowl, and more made for a great program about a land where few Americans ever get to bird. The Secretary was feeling hunger pangs at the mention of the Taj Majal and Jaipur, two of his favorite local Indian restaurants.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul A. Guris, Secretary