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Minutes of the DVOC
September 22, 2005

Some big guy with a British accent sat at the front of the meeting and claimed to be DVOC's President. He said his name was Adrian, but nobody seemed to recognize him. We let him sit up front anyway.

Adrian called the meeting to order at 7:30. He then made a comment that when HE presides over meetings, they start on time. Looking back, this may actually be true for both times he actually presided over a meeting.

46 members and 4 guests attended. The minutes for June 2 were approved as read.

Committee Reports
Membership: Connie Goldman announced 6 new members; Alan Crawford III,
Kathleen Geist, Dani-Ella Betz (from Lower Merion Conservancy), Dino Fiabane,
Anthony Croasdale, and Thomas Mason. DVOC's plans of world domination continue.

Larus: Naomi Murphy announced that the latest copy of Larus On-Line should be out in 7-10 days. If you are willing to forego the greatly scaled down paper version, please e-mail her at ndmurphy@comcast.net. Paper copies of the full Larus content are unavailable due to the risk of a hernia when lifting it.

Cassinia: Art McMorris gave a big thanks to Jeff Holt, Steve Kerr, Bert Filemyr, and Clay Sutton for helping get out the most recent issue of Cassinia. Cassinia now has an ISSN number, so we're official and all material is protected by copyright.

E-mail List: Frank Windfelder mentioned that the DVOC e-mail list was a great way to keep up on programs, field trips, rare bird sightings, and other information of interest to the club. To get on the list, just drop an e-mail to Frank. His address is available on the club's web site.

Web Site: Bert Filemyr gave us a tour of the web site's newest feature; the newly hosted information from Delaware Valley Birding. This feature contains information on birding in the tri-state area. Anybody interested in writing up a birding area should feel free to submit it to Bert. A critical project to birders that still needs to be created is a map of every Wawa in the region.

Field Trips: Martin Selzer, in the interest of time, mentioned that multiple trips were run in September and that trip reports should be on the web site. He announced the following upcoming field trips:
• Sun, Oct. 2: Palmyra with Ward Dasey
• Sat, Oct. 15: The annual Tuckerton sharp-tailed sparrow trip with Frank Windfelder.
• Sat, Nov. 12: Saw-whet Owls banding. Requires advanced sign-up as spaces are limited.
Further details on all upcoming trips can be found on DVOC's web site.

Programs: Chris Walters announced the following upcoming programs:
• This year's annual banquet will be held on Nov. 17. The speakers, back by popular demand, are Michael Male and Judy Feith who will present "A Year in the Dessert", showing video from the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.
• 10/6: David Brinker will present "Saw-whet Owls"
• 10/20: George Armistead will present "Birding Southern Argentina: the Pampas, Patagonia, and Tierra del Fuego".
• 11/3: Same Fried will present "Eastern Australia Birding".

• Linda Rowan: Silver Lake Nature Center will host "All Things Birds", and all day event. There will be live birds, owl pellet dissection, and walks. She thanked DVOC for its donation to this worthwhile event, and mentioned that several club members will be lending a hand.
• Don Jones: A superb web resource has been started devoted to songs and calls of tropical birds. The web site is www.xeno-canto.org. It allows free access and already has over 850 species online, with a total of over 1300 sound files available.
• Colin Campbell: The Pennsylvania Game Commission is looking for any information on Barn Owls in PA for an owl conservation initiative.
• Paul Guris: There is a pelagic trip out of Lewes, DE on Oct. 22. Targets include Northern Fulmar, Greater and Manx Shearwaters, Red Phalarope, jaegers, and other seabirds.

Local Notes
• Bill Murphy: On 9/10 a female Anhinga was seen at Ft. Washington State Park.
• Frank Windfelder: Gave an update on the Palmyra Cove Nature Park big year. The total list now stands at 202. He also reported that good numbers of shorebirds were atTinicum.
• Scott Frazier: Green Lane Reservoir had Pipits, an American Golden-Plover, a Stilt Sandpiper, and an Egyptian Goose (assumed escaped). At his home near Evansburg State Park, he found a dead Virginia Rail.
• Rick Mellon: Noted watching 3-4 Blue Jays and a Flicker harassing a Big Brown Bat.
• Paul Guris: Reported a large total of 60+ Buff-breasted Sandpipers, 80 American Golden-Plover, 30+ Pectoral Sandpipers, and 1 juv. Baird's Sandpiper at the Johnson Sod Farm
• Colin Campbell: Noted that a Cooper's Hawk at his home has been taking Rock Pigeons and House Sparrows. It recently took a White-footed Mouse which it killed and played with for 20 minutes, but then left behind.
• Art McMorris: Caught the club up on some doings in the bird / birding world including Least Bell's Vireo nesting in California, streamers on fishing vessels to reduce catch of albatrosses, a protocol for reporting Ivory-billed Woodpecker sightings, a push to list the Red Knot as an endangered species, and the fact that the Mute Swan is definitely not considered a federally protected species.

Ornithological Studies
Chuck Hetzel presented a wonderful set of shorebird pictures from the New Jersey Audubon Society file photo collection. There were stunning pictures of many of our regular shorebirds in alternate, basic, and juvenile plumage.

Adrian Binns presented "Kenya, A Wildlife Safari", a photo tour of his recent visit there. A fantastic collection of photos of the birds and mammals of that region were a feast for the eyes. Interestingly, our speaker looked amazingly like the guy who sat up front and claimed to be DVOC's president.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul A. Guris, Secretary