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Minutes of the DVOC
April 5, 2007

President Chris Walters called the rather informal meeting to order. In attendance were 38 members and 1 guest.

Conservation: Chairwoman Debbie Beer spoke about the recently discovered Bald Eagle nest within the Philadelphia city limits. There are now one or two chicks in the nest.

Frank Windfelder spoke briefly about the proposed trail along the Delaware River in Northeast Philadelphia. Sarah Thorp of the Delaware River City Corporation and Paul Racette of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council will be giving a presentation on this at the August 2nd DVOC meeting.

World Series of Birding pledge sheets were made available. One can pledge a fixed dollar amount or so many cents per species found by our DVOC/Nikon team. Pledges can also be made on the website.

Field Trips:

The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Rail Trip, Delaware, led by Steve Kacir, has been rescheduled for April 14th.

Upcoming Programs:

Program Chairman Paul Guris announced the following presentations:

Thursday, April 19th - David La Puma, "Radar Ornithology"
Thursday, May 3rd – Blake Mathys, “Great Kiskadees in Bermuda and Trinidad”
Program: Bob Mercer ran the Book Auction, which this year netted proceeds of over $2,000.00, according to DVOC Treasurer Naomi Murphy. The funds will be earmarked for the Conservation Fund.
Thanks to Bob for doing such a fabulous job in putting this whole thing together. Thanks also to Paul and Anita Guris for providing the refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,
Frank Windfelder, Secretary