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Minutes of the DVOC
January 4, 2007

President Chris Walters called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. In attendance were 44 members and 2 guests.

Nominating Committee: Colin Campbell, chairman of the Nominating Committee, announced the slate for the imminent election: Chris Walters (President), Paul Guris (Vice-President), Frank Windfelder (Secretary), Naomi Murphy (Treasurer).

Proposed for DVOC Council were JoAnn Raine and Steve Kacir, replacing Martin Selzer and Doris McGovern.

A vote was taken, and the proposed Officers and Council Members were elected.

The following members were also announced as new Fellows of the club: Nate Rice, JoAnn Raine, Nick Pulcinella, Edie Parnum, Denis Brennan and Mike Lyman.

Membership Committee: Chairperson Connie Goldman announced the admission of two new members into the club, Barry Dancis and Susan Jarnigan. In addition, Nancy Keeler and John Tramontano are candidates for membership.

Conservation: Chairperson Debbie Beer spoke about Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, a leading conservation organization. This past fall, 25,115 hawks were sighted, the highest total since 1986. On September 12th, 7,500 Broad-winged Hawks were counted. There is continuing concern about the decline in American Kestrels. The website is www.hawkmountain.org.

Report of the Trustees, Endowment Fund: The Annual report will be available at the next meeting.

Field Trips:

Details of the following trips are listed at www.dvoc.org:

Friday, January 5th - Pelagic Christmas Count out of Belmar, NJ, led by Paul Guris

Saturday, January 6th – Philadelphia Midwinter Census – If you can participate, email Keith Russell at keith.russell6@verizon.net .

January 13th-15th (Saturday thru Monday) - Montauk & Long Island, led by Erica Brendel and Chris Walters – let them know if interested

Saturday, January 20th – Southern Bucks County, Geese & Gulls, led by Matt Sharp

Sunday, January 21st – Barnegat Light, NJ for new members , led by Chris Walters

Upcoming Ornithological Studies:

Chairman Art McMorris announced the following upcoming presentations:

Thursday, January 18th - Tim Schaeffer, Progress Report on the East Park Reservoir Project

Thursday, February 1st – Colin Campbell, The Isle of May ... or maybe not”

Upcoming Programs:

Thursday, January 18th - Jeff Gordon, "The 10 Greatest Birds of the Last 30 Years"

Thursday, February 1st - Andy Smith, "Birds and Other Wildlife of the Pantanal"

Thursday, February 15th - Dan Mummert, "Conservation of Barn Owls in Pennsylvania"

Thursday, March 1st - Wayne Laubscher - "Grey Ghosts and Other Northern Owls"

Thursday, March 15th - Mark Garland, "Tropical Birds Do the Coolest Things"

Thursday, April 5th – Book Auction

Local Notes:

Al Driscoll and Don Jones visited Barnegat Light today. Al reported that they saw 50 species, including lots of Common Eiders, and about 30 Harlequin Ducks.

Lately, Erica Brendel has been seeing lots of Winter Wrens in Carpenter’s woods.

On January 2nd, Frank Windfelder saw a drake Red-breasted Merganser and two female Redheads in FDR Park in South Philadelphia.


Bert Filemyr distributed the 2007 DVOC Directory. The directories will also be available at the next meeting, but after that, the remainder will be mailed. Bert deserves a lot of credit for all the work he has done in putting this together.

Frank Windfelder is doing a Big Year in Philadelphia in 2007. Please contact him if you see anything good.

Anita Guris announced a few upcoming pelagic trips for See Life Paulagics. There are trips scheduled from Freeport, NY on February 10th, Belmar, NJ on February 11th, and Lewes DE on February 24th. Go to www.paulagics.com for details.

Chris announced that a DVOC book auction will be held in early April this year. We already have plenty of books to sell, including those from Schuylkill Valley Nature Center and Jesse Grantham.

Adrian Binns will be speaking at the Linnaean Society on February 13th, and at Wyncote Audubon on February 16th. His topic: “The Birds of Kenya”.

Ornithological Studies: Jane Henderson, taught us how to “Sort Out White-crowned Sparrow Subspecies”

Program: Paul Guris presided over the Christmas Bird Count reports.


The meeting adjourned for refreshments. Paul and Anita Guris did an incredible job in getting this together. Anita presided over the food, waiting to smack the hand of anyone trying to eat too many roast beef sandwiches, and Paul provided some great micro-brewery beers.

Respectfully submitted,
Frank Windfelder, Secretary