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Minutes of the DVOC
October 4, 2007

President Chris Walters called the meeting to order at 7:38 PM. In attendance were 39 members.

Membership Committee: Chairwoman Connie Goldman announced two new members, Cheryl Zang and Leigh Ashbrook. A second group of new members were able to tour the Academy of Natural Science’s bird collection prior to the meeting, under the tutelage of Nate Rice. She also reminded us to place your name in the Banquet Raffle Box, in order to possibly win the opportunity to sit with our Banquet Speaker, Don Kroodsma.

Conservation: Chairwoman Debbie Beer talked about a project sponsored by the National Audubon Society and the Monsanto Fund, called “Waterbirds on Working Lands”. What are the best ways for waterbirds and man to co-exist? Go to http://www.audubon.org/bird/waterbirds/WWL.html .

Field Trips:

Details of the following trips are listed at www.dvoc.org :

Saturday, October 6th, Sharp-tailed Sparrows at Tuckerton Marsh, led by Frank Windfelder

November 3rd or 4th, Bake Oven Knob, PA for Hawks, led by Frank Windfelder, Bill Murphy and Chris Walters

Saturday, November 10th, Northern Saw-whet Owl banding at Hidden Valley, PA, led by Adrian Binns. There is still room.

Upcoming Programs:

Program Chairman Paul Guris announced the following presentations:

Thursday, October 18th – Jeff Wells, "Three Secrets about Bird Conservation They Don't Want You to Know"

Thursday, November 1st - Kevin Loughlin, "Panama's Darien: Still Wild After All These Years"

Thursday, November 15th – Dr. Bob Curry, "Hybridization of Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees"

Wednesday, December 5th – Annual Banquet, Don Kroodsma, “The Singing Life of Birds”


Don Jones talked about the vast assortment of bird sounds for both North and South America available from Xeno-canto. Go to http://www.xeno-canto.org .

Doris McGovern has obtained an unused pair of Zeiss 7X42 binoculars which are available for purchase.

A formal proposal has been made to the Patuxent Bird Banding Lab to support a 2-3 year study of the Lesser Black-backed Gulls wintering in the Delaware Valley. Scott Weidensaul submitted this proposal, and he and his team, consisting of Frank Gill, Sally Conyne, Cameron Rutt, Bill Etter, and Tom Johnson, are hoping that DVOC might help in various ways: (1) by submitting reports of sightings to the team, (2) by providing some funding someday, (3) by accepting for publication in Larus an article to educate and Club members and encourage their help, and (4) by allowing the team to give a talk at DVOC.

There are still spaces on Paul Guris’ pelagic trip out of Lewes, Delaware on Saturday, October 20th. Three trips in December are also planned, out of Freeport, NY on December 1st, Belmar, NJ on December 2nd, and Lewes, Delaware on December 8th. Go to www.paulagics.com for details. He is also running North Carolina pelagic trips aboard the “Country Girl”. The dates are May 30th through June 2nd, 2008. Field Trip Chairman Adrian Binns is planning to set up a DVOC trip over that weekend.

George Reynard’s set of tapes, “Voices of Birds and Birders”, is available at every meeting at a cost of $10.00.

Local Notes:

Today, Frank Windfelder had a Black-capped Chickadee and a Black-bellied Plover at the Rhawn Street access to the Delaware River.

Tom Reeves reported a singing House Wren in Williston, Chester County, PA.

Paul Guris reported that recently, a fishing trip out of Lewes, DE produced a Band-rumped Storm-Petrel.

On Saturday and Sunday, September 29th and 30th, Marty Dellwo had a combined 11 species of warblers at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. He also had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker there on Saturday. Numbers of Sora and Virginia Rails were present.

Rick Mellon had a question. “Do Barred Owls have a call similar to the “hoooo” call attributed to Northern Long-eared Owl?” Every time he has heard that call, he has been in Barred Owl habitat.

Not So Local Notes:

Chris Walters’ recent Boat trip in Monterey, CA with Debbie Shearwater produced two lifers for him, Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel and Flesh-footed Shearwater.

Ornithological Studies: Adrian Binns’ study of “Fecal Sacs” informed us that sometimes the parents actually eat the fecal sacs produced by their nestlings, instead of carrying them away.

Program: Adrian Binns’ presentation, “The Lighter Side of Birding”, lived up to its billing. He told us about the many humorous things that he has encountered in his travels around the world.
Respectfully submitted,
Frank Windfelder, Secretary