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Minutes of the DVOC
May 7, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm. There were 31 members and 6 guests present.

The reading of the minutes was waived following a motion by Paul Guris, seconded by a member and a majority of those present voting “aye.”

Membership: Chair Connie Goldman announced new member applicant Ana Pazos. Anita Guris reported that Ana has been on Paulagic tours in the past.

A pledge sign-up sheet circulated with the attendance sheet for last minute pledges for our DVOC conservation cause for t his year’s WSB, Willistown Conservation Trust. Chair Debbie Beer reported thatMigratory Bird Day would be this weekend, and informed us of a plea from Scott Weidensaul for support in the preservation of South Mountain. Contact Debbie for further information.

Articles are still being solicited for our next issue.

Field trips:
Chair Bob Horton asked for reports on recent field trips as follows:
Dino Fiabane reported on the recent trip to Riverwinds and the National Park dredge spoils in New Jersey – early migrants were the highlight.
No one present had attended Steve Kacir’s recent Bombay Hook tour for birding and photography.
Colin Campbell reported on his weekend trip to the Pokomoke, MD area – 15 species of warbler, 19 shorebird species, Red Knots in at Mispillion and Barred Owls were identified on the trip.
No one present had attended Bill Murphy’s Fort Washington trip.
Future Field trips announced include:
Turkey Point with Steve Kacir tomorrow night, 5/8/09
Tinicum with Frank Windfelder on 5/10/09
Gloucester County with Sandra Keller, 5/11/09
Greystone in the Pocono area with Phil Witmer, 5/16/09
Ridley Creek S.P. with Art McMorris, 5/17/09
Lakehurst Military Base with Bob Horton, 6/10/09
Tony Croasdale announced his upcoming January, 2010 Belize trip.

Frank Windfelder announced the following upcoming programs:
5/21/09 – “The Apostrophes” - Bert Filemyr will give this program about birds named for people.
6/4/09 – “Trans-Pecos Birding – Frank Windfelder will present this program highlighting a trip taken to this area. This meeting will also include Big Day Reports.
Summer meetings, 2009 – information is on our website.
Banquet Program for November, 2009 - Rick Wright will present “Southwest Warblers”

Frank made an appeal for members to submit their Big Day reports to him – the form is on our web site.
Anita Guris announced that Paulagics will offer tours in August – see their new updated website
Paul reported receiving a request from Les Murray who will be a bio faculty member at Penn State Abington beginning in August this year. He plans to study Cooper’s Hawks, particularly the prey around their nest sites. He would appreciate info on the location of Cooper’s Hawk nests from this season. Contact Paul for Les’s contact info.

Local Notes:
Franks Windfelder – in the rainy weather on 5/1, at Pennypack on the Delaware near Rhawn St at the river, saw a Red-Necked Phalarope!
At Glen Ford, further north along the Delaware, Frank saw Pine Siskin nest-building behavior, and Pine Warblers nesting. He reported this is likely a species expanding its range northward.
Jane Henderson saw a Prothonotary Warbler recently at Ft Washington S.P. – according to Bill Murphy who keeps thorough records for the area, this is one of very few historical sightings of this species at the park.
Phil Witmer recently visited Powdermill for a banding workshop – he recommends a visit there to everyone. He also reported a Carolina Wren with a broken leg seen hopping and balancing with the aid of a wing, then sighted at a later date now able to balance on one leg.
Edie Parnum highly recommends a visit to McCaig Nature Center in Montgomery County, a beautiful spot for general birding. Her recent sightings included Pileated Woodpecker and Yellow-throated Warbler.
A discussion broke out about the Yellow-crowned Night Herons at Tinicum – they have now been sighted in the Delaware County and also the Philadelphia “horseshoe” of the refuge.
Paul Guris saw at Unami Valley, Yellow-throated Warblers; his home feeders still host 50-60 Pine Siskins, and warblers there have included Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Scarlet Tanager and Indigo Bunting. Frank, Paul and others discussed Yellow-throated Warblers now being seen in numbers at Tinicum – these are likely the “sycamore” race, and seem subjectively to do less singing than the “southern” race.

Ornithological Study – Frank Windfelder presented report and photos of a recent incident in which he witnessed one Tree Swallow attacking and seemingly attempting to drown another.

Program – “Birding South Africa” was a wonderful program of photos and information covering many hotspots and birding tours offered by Eco-Tours Leader Chris Lotz, a South Africa native. His program covering multiple countries in the southern part of Africa and highlighting birds from diverse habitats across the region, was very well received.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Connie Goldman, for Art McMorris, Secretary