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Minutes of the DVOC
December 2, 2010

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order. In attendance were 28 members and 6 guests.

The minutes from the previous meeting, having been posted on the website, were approved by the membership by voice vote.

Committee Reports:

Membership: Committee member Anita Guris welcomed our newest member, Donna Wilhelm.

Nominating Committee: In accordance with the By-Laws, committee member Erica Brendel announced the slate of nominees to be voted on at the Annual Meeting on January 6:

Officers (1-year terms):
President: Frank Windfelder
Vice-President: Art McMorris
Secretary: Bob Horton
Treasurer: Bert Filemyr

Councilors (3-year terms to January 2014, to fill the expiring terms of Debbie Beer and Tom Bailey):
Phil Witmer
Connie Goldman

Field Trips: Committee member Marty Dellwo reported on recent and up-coming field trips.

Upcoming Ornithological Moments: Chair Dino Fiabane gave the report. Ornithological moments at the next few meetings will be presented by Rick Mellon, Phil Witmer, Colin Campbell and Barbara Granger.

Upcoming Programs: Art McMorris announced the programs for the next few meetings:

December 16 will the Members’ Photography Night. There has been an overwhelming response to the request for photo submissions, and the photos are uniformly superb. The photos will be judged by a panel of 3 judges (Marty Dellwo, Bonnie Witmer and Kevin Loughlin) who will not know who submitted the photos. Winners will be announced in the categories for Birds, Birders, Scenery and Natural History, plus a Grand Prize for “best of show.”

January 6 will be our Annual “Members’ Meeting” featuring the election of officers, councilors, fellows and honorary members; and reports from the Treasurer and Trustees. Then, as has been our tradition for over 100 years, we will adjourn for socializing over a generous spread of food and drink. The refreshments are being organized again this year by Phil and Bonnie Witmer.

The program for January 20 will be Doug Gross who will speak about “Pennsylvania’s Boreal Forest Birds.” Surprisingly, Pennsylvania has areas of boreal forest, which are the breeding grounds of Yellow-bellied Flycatchers, Blackpoll Warblers and other species normally associated with latitudes much further to the north.

Paul Guris announced a slate of pelagic trips. Details are at www.paulagics.com.
Art McMorris announced that everything is in place for the annual “Bob Billings Big Year Award” competition to start with the new year. The competition features a $200 prize to the DVOC member who sees the most birds in the DVOC program area during the calendar year. Full materials are on our website, www.DVOC.org, under a new tab on the main page. Art encouraged everyone to go birding.
Paul Guris asked for volunteers to help him with his sectors of the Christmas Bird Counts in Cape May NJ on Sunday Dec. 19 and in Cumberland County, NJ, on Sunday January 2, 2011.
Bob Mercer asked for volunteers to help with his CBC area in Bucks County.
Phil and Bonnie Witmer asked for volunteers to bring food or liquid refreshments to the Annual Meeting on Jan. 6. Please contact Phil or Bonnie and let them know what you plan to bring.

Local Notes:

Frank Windfelder mentioned that he saw the Fork-tailed Flycatcher in Connecticut in November 20th, and the Townsend’s Warbler at Cobbs Creek Nature Center on November 21st. The latter was actually in Delaware County. There were also 650 Ruddy Ducks at John Heinz this morning.

Bonnie and Phil Witmer saw the Fork-tailed Flycatcher and the White-tailed Kite in Connecticut.

Visitor Lamar Corlis reported that a good assortment of ducks has arrived at FDR Park in Philadelphia. Paul Guris encouraged people who want to see ducks to do so soon, since they are likely to depart when the predicted cold weather causes freeze-ups.

Numerous other sightings were reported by those in attendance.

Ornithological Moment: Don Jones gave a talk entitled, “Vocal Differences between the Recent Splits Announced by AOU.” He played recordings of the latest splits dealing with Winter Wrens (split to Winter, Eurasian and Pacific Wren), Whip-poor-wills (split to Eastern and Mexican Whip-poor-Will), and Scoters (Common/Black Scoter split to Common and Black Scoter). In response to questions, Don revealed that his recordings of the mating call of Black Scoters contributed to the recognition of Black Scoter as a species distinct from Common Scoter.

Program: Jeffrey Hall gave a presentation entitled, “Down the Shore,” in which he showed a series of excellent photos of bird species found in winter along the New Jersey shore, richly filled out with fascinating information and little-know facts about many birds that we all thought we knew.

Respectfully submitted, Frank Windfelder, President
Art McMorris, Vice President