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Minutes of the DVOC
December 16, 2010

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Twenty-seven members and two guests were present.

The minutes of the December 2nd meeting approved as submitted.


Bert Filemyr announced that an application has been received from Michael Morrell of Havertown, PA.


Art McMorris announced the upcoming programs:

January 6 This is our Annual Meeting and elections will be held for the following positions:
Council Members
Honorary Members

The Annual food and drink smorgasbord will be held after the elections. Thanks to Bonnie and Phil Witmer for organizing the food and drink again this year.

On January 20, Doug Gross will present “Pennsylvania’s Boreal Forest Birds”

On February 3, Kevin Loughlin will present” Belize Birding Bonanza”

Frank Windfelder announced the slate of candidates nominated by our Nominating Committee. The nominations are:

President Frank Windfelder
Vice President Art McMorris
Secretary Bob Horton
Treasurer Bert Filemyr

Debbie Beer and Tom Bailey will be retiring as Councilors.

The committee has nominated Phil Witmer and Connie Goldman as new Councilors.

Field Trips:

Marty Dellwo conducted the trip announcements:

Trip Announcements:

Jan 8 Philadelphia Mid-Winter Bird Census, PA Join the 25th annual mid-winter census which highlights the incredible diversity of habitat and species found within our city borders. An average of 92 species are recorded each year including notable rarities.
Keith Russell is the organizer of the census.

Jan 15 – 17 Montauk Long Island, NY A trip over Martin Luther King weekend for winter finches, eiders, scoters, alcids and any Eurasian accidentals. Erica Brendel and Chris Walters will lead this trip.

Jan 22 Cape May, NJ This trip will search for seabirds and wintering water fowl. Martin Seltzer will lead this trip.

Jan 23 Cumberland and Cape May Counties, NJ This trip will search for the Sandhill Crane flock that has traditionally roosted at Husted Landing, as well other wintering birds. Tony Croasdale will lead this trip.


Mary Bowler thanked the club for the donation of ten pair of Nikon Binoculars that were given to Boy Scout Troop 109 of Philadelphia. This was made possible through our New Bins for New Birders program.

The announcement of the Annual Meeting and nominations will be included in our Weekly Digest.

Debbie Beer announced the Winter Bird Count for Kids to be held on Jan. 8 at the Heinz NWR, PA. Paul Guris will make arrangements to provide binoculars for these fledgling birders.

Local Notes:

Bert Filemyr talked about the crane flock that has been at Husted Landing in SW New Jersey. The flock containing mostly Sandhill Cranes, but also includes one Common Crane.

Bonnie Witmer mentioned sighting in Connecticut that included Mountain Bluebirds, Calliope Hummingbird and a Barnacle Goose.

Paul Guris reported seeing hundreds of Common Eiders at Barnegat Inlet, along with Harlequin Ducks and Purple Sandpipers.

Bob Horton reported that Colin Campbell and he found an American Redstart at Bombay Hook, DE on Dec 8.

Marty Dellwo reported that Ovenbirds have been seen recently on the Temple Campus in Philadelphia.
Frank Windfelder noticed that the recent cold weather has brought in many of the winter birds from further north. He recently observed a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in his front yard working on a Norway Spruce.

Tony Croasdale reported that the Bald Eagles have been spending a lot of time around their nest at Pennypack Park, PA

Main Program:

Art McMorris showed the photos that were submitted for the annual photo contest. Bonnie Witmer, Marty Dellwo and Kevin Loughlin were the judges. The winners are:

Birder category
Honorable Mention Karl Lukens
Third Place Paul Guris
Second Place Stephen and Laura Huber
First Place Steve Kacir

Honorable Mention Steve Mattan
Third Place Andy Smith
Second Place Steve Mattan
First Place Andy Smith

Natural History
Honorable Mention Frank Windfelder
Third Place Nicholas Haass and Raja Stechenson
Second Place Steve Mattan
First Place Stephen and Laura Huber

Honorable Mention Anita Guris
Third Place Steve Kacir
Second Place Barrie Ashby
First Place and Best in Show Paul Guris


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Witmer and Bob Horton, Secretary