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Minutes of the DVOC
January 7, 2010

President Paul Guris called the meeting to order at 7:35. Thirty-six members and one guest, Alberta Windfelder, were present. The minutes of the December 17 meeting were accepted as submitted.

Nominating Committee Chair Colin Campbell presented the Committee’s slate of nominees for this evening’s election of Officers and Councillors. The slate is:

Officers (1-year terms)
President: Frank Windfelder
Vice President: Art McMorris
Secretary: Bob Horton
Treasurer: Bert Filemyr

Councillors (3-year terms):
Marty Dellwo
Todd Fellenbaum

Colin asked if there were any nominations from the floor. There were none. He then asked for a vote from the members for the slate he had presented. All members present voted in favor of the candidates listed above. The vote was unanimous.

Colin then announced the newly elected Officers and Councillors. They are:

Officers (1-year terms)
President: Frank Windfelder
Vice President: Art McMorris
Secretary: Bob Horton
Treasurer: Bert Filemyr

Councillors (3-year terms):
Marty Dellwo
Todd Fellenbaum

Colin thanked Jeff Holt and Steve Kacir for the service as Councillors and also thanked Paul Guris for his service as President.

Frank Windfelder took over his position as President. He thanked Paul Guris for his service and Anita Guris for her support for Paul.

Frank appointed Jeff Holt to fill the remainder of Bob Horton’s Councillor position. He also announced that Council has approved Dave Long to be the Editor for the club, which includes a position on Council. Dave will also be the editor of the Cassinia.

Frank thanked Bonnie and Phil Witmer for organizing and preparing food and beverages for this meeting.

Frank announced that the following members had been nominated by Council as Fellows of the club:
Todd Fellenbaum, Ed Finkel, George Armistead, Sandra Keller and Phil Witmer. Frank asked for a vote of the membership and all nominees received affirmative votes from the membership.

Frank announced that Debbie Beer has resigned as the Chair of the Conservation Committee, but will continue as a member of the committee. Frank thanked her for her services. Frank appointed Phil Witmer as the new chair of this committee.


Witmer Stone Committee: Linda Rowan mentioned the letter sent by the Cape May Bird Observatory to the Cape May State Park endorsing the DVOC effort to reestablish the Witmer Stone Wildlife Sanctuary. The club is raising funds to purchase signs for this sanctuary. Samples of the signs are on the website. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

Frank mentioned that bird song tapes have been donated by Al Driscoll and the proceeds from the sale of these tapes will go to the Witmer Stone fund.

Bert read a letter from the Willistown Conservation Trust thanking the club of the additional donation of $1040 for the Rushton Preserve bird banding station.

Membership: Connie Goldman introduced Steve Mattan, who recently joined the club.

Connie also announced that she had been contacted by the Hopewell NJ High School. They are holding a Science Fair on March 19 and are inviting adults to present scientific information. If you are interested in participating, please contact Connie.

Conservation: No Report.

Field Trips: Chair Bob Horton conducted the trip reports and announcements:

Trip Reports:

No Field Trips have occurred since the last meeting.

Trip Announcements:

The 24th annual Philadelphia Mid-Winter Bird Census will be held on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2010. The census is organized each year by its founder, Keith Russell. Participants are always needed; please see Keith.

Steve Kacir will run a photography field trip to Peace Valley Nature Center in Bucks County, PA, on Saturday, Jan. 9. Please let Steve know if you plan to come.

Erica Brendel and Chris Walters will be running their annual field trip to Montauk Point on the tip of Long Island, NY, for the Martin Luther King weekend, Jan. 16-18 (Sat. – Mon.). The trip specializes in winter seabirds, finches, and other winter residents and visitors. Space is limited, so please let Erica or Chris know soon if you would like to attend.

Win Shafer announced that he would be running a trip to Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, and other locations in eastern Ontario over Presidents’ weekend, Feb. 13-15 (Sat. – Mon.). Targets will be winter finches, raptors, owls, boreal birds, and whatever surprises are waiting. The first bird seen last year was a Slaty-backed Gull. Win will arrange a van for this shared-expense trip. Please see Win to sign up.

The field trip to Puerto Rico has been cancelled due to lack of interest.


Art McMorris announced the next three upcoming programs:

The Program on January 21 will be DVOC favorite Adrian Binns, presenting “The Naked Safari: Tales of East Africa.” Adrian has compiled humorous stories from his birding and wildlife tours in East Africa. Renowned for its peerless concentrations of wildlife, there is an extraordinary diversity of birds and mammals that make this part of Africa truly remarkable. There is so much more than just seeing the big 5 and saying you have been on safari. Come prepared for encounters and stories from the world’s most famous wildlife sanctuaries.

The Program on February 4 will be Robert Kirk presenting “Behind the scenes of a field guide”. Robert Kirk will explain the many steps involved in the creation and publication of field guides and other books about birds and nature. Robert is the Executive Editor for Biological Sciences and Natural History for the Princeton University Press, a world leader in the publication of field guides.

The Program on February 18 will be Doug Gross presenting “Recovery of Endangered Birds in Pennsylvania: the Birds, the Process, and New Challenges”. Doug will review the Pennsylvania bird species of concern list and the recovery process, using the Bald Eagle as an example of a successful recovery. He also will review other challenges we face in bird conservation in the state. Doug is Endangered Bird Specialist with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and is well known for his lively, informative and entertaining presentations.


Paul announced that he will be running an 8-hour pelagic trip out of Freeport, NY on January 17. This will be an in-shore trip.
There will also be a trip out of Lewes, Delaware on February 6, and one on February 28 from Belmar, NJ. Both trips will focus on Dovekies.
Pelagic trips will also be scheduled on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day Weekend from Cape Hatteras.

Local Notes: Paul Guris noted that four Purple Finches had arrived at his feeder on the previous day. These were the first for this season.

Ornithological Studies: There was no Ornithological study this evening.

Trustees’ Report: The trustees are Chris Walters, Hart Rufe and Paul Guris. Chris Walters presented the Annual Trustees’ Report to the members and answered several questions.

Treasurer’s Report: Bert Filemyr presented the Annual Treasurer’s Report to the members and answered several questions pertaining to the conservation funds and the NB4NB funds.

Main Program:

Debbie Beer and Art McMorris presented the reports from the Christmas Bird Counts from our area. Members were also called on to report on their findings during the counts. A summary will be posted on the club website.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:14 PM. Refreshments were served in the lobby.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Horton, Secretary