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Minutes of the DVOC
October 7, 2010

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Thirty-seven members and five guests were present. The minutes of the September 16th meeting were accepted as submitted.


Edie Parnum announced that two new members have been approved by Council, James Knot of North Wales. PA and Pete Mooney of Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Edie also announced the application of Christina Kobland and Alyce Grunt.

Edie requested that members send photos to Connie Goldman of other club members to be used at the banquet. Send to membership@DVOC.org.

Chair Phil Witmer reported that great progress is being made at the John Heinz NWR, PA on the Bird Safe Glass Project. They are also contacting manufacturers on this glass and seeking donations.

Field Trips:

Frank Windfelder conducted the trip reports and announcements:

Trip Reports:

Sept. 24 to 28 Maine. Vincent Nichnadowicz reported on a successful 5-day trip to Maine. It included a pelagic trip from Bar Harbor sponsored by Maine Audubon, a trip to Lubec, on the Canadian border at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, Campobello Island, NB and Stratford, CT. The top birds on the trip were the South Polar Skua, 4 Spruce Grouse, all three Jaegers and a White-tailed Kite.

Trip Announcements:

Oct. 10 Tuckerton Marsh for Sharp-tailed Sparrows. Frank Windfelder will lead this trip in search of Nelson’s and Saltmarsh Sparrows. The trip will continue later in the morning to the Forsythe WMA.

Nov. 6 Saw-whet Owl Banding at Hidden Valley, PA. This trip to Scott Weidensaul’s Saw-whet Owl banding project will be led by Debbie Beer. The number of participants is limited. Please contact Debbie if you are interested.


Dino Fiabane announced the upcoming Ornithological Studies:

This evening Frank Windfelder will present "Ring-billed Gull Plumages"

October 21 Debbie Beer will present “The Secret Lives of Saw-Whets”

November 4 John Tramontano will present "Wing Beat & Flight Patterns Useful in Avian ID"

December 2 Don Jones will present “Vocal Differences between the Recent Splits Announced by AOU.”

Art McMorris announced the upcoming programs:

On Oct. 21 – Louise Zemaitis will present “Birds and Habitat”

On Nov. 4 – Todd Katzner will present “Golden Eagles and Wind Energy: Siting Wind Power for Improved Conservation Management”

Nov. 10 is our Annual Banquet. Scott Weidensaul will present “Messing around with birds (for fun and science)”

Banquet Committee Co-chair Bernice Koplin and committee member Georgia Ashby urged everyone to sign up for the banquet and bring a guest. The banquet is our big social event of the year, and this year we have an outstanding speaker, Scott Weidensaul. Additional features are the awarding of the Witmer Stone, Julian Potter and Rosalie Edge Conservation Awards, and of course, good food and liquid refreshment. This is always a popular event, much enjoyed by all, and it’s only 6 weeks away.


Art McMorris spoke about the new Bob Billings Award. Bob has given the club $2000 and has asked that an award of $200 be given each year to the member with the most number of birds seen in that year. Art and his committee are working out the details as to how it will be judged. Hard Rufe, one of our Trustees explained that in order to be able to give a $200 award each year, we really need $4000 as an initial investment to net $200 per year. Hart has offered to match other members’ donations, dollar for dollar, up to $1,000, in order to raise the additional $2000. A pledge sheet was circulated for members who want to pledge to this fund.

Local Notes:

Tom Reeves reported a Dickcissel at the Cape May Hawk Watch last week.

Vincent Nichnadowicz reported seeing 22 species or warblers at Sandy Hook on Oct. 2.

Bert Filemyr visited Hawk Mountain, PA today and saw over 500 raptors. The total for the day was near 1000 migrating raptors.

Nathaniel Sharp reported Marbled Godwits and 100 Avocets at Forsythe NWR, NJ.

Frank Windfelder reported an American Golden Plover at Pennypack on the Delaware, PA.

Marty Dellwo reported several hundred Avocets along with American Golden Plover, Hudsonian Godwit and Marbled Godwit at Bombay Hook NWR, DE.

Ornithological Studies:

Frank Windfelder presented “Ring-billed Gull Plumages"

Main Program:

Bob Horton presented “Birding by Sailboat in the Caribbean”


The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Horton, Secretary