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Minutes of the DVOC
April 21, 2011

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:37 PM. Twenty-three members and two guests were present. The minutes of the April 7th meeting were approved as submitted.


Chair Phil Witmer reminded membership of the recipient of funds raised by World Series Of Birding 2011. The selection for this year’s fund raising will be the “2nd Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas”. Phil asked for all members to pledge towards the cause, either at the meeting or on line through the website pledge form.
Chris Walters suggested that members ask their co-workers to pledge.
Remember to download a pledge form from the website if you prefer to make you pledge outside of the meeting.

Bert Filemyr reported for Connie Goldman:
Bert read an application submitted by Jack Creighton of Havertown, PA. He also read an application submitted by Bill and Sally Fintel of Lewes, DE.
Both applications will be sent to Council for consideration.

Field Trips:

Trip Reports:
Chris Walters added to a previous meeting report on Franklin Parker Preserve on March 26, 2011

Trip Announcements:
In the absence of Chair Win Shafer, members were advised to check the website for upcoming field trips.

Art McMorris announced the upcoming programs:

On May 5th, Cathy Haffner will present "Wind Energy and Wildlife in Pennsylvania: Voluntary Cooperative Agreement Results and Implications".
On May 9th, Sam Fried will present “Warblers and Neotropical Migrants of Eastern North America”.
On June 2nd, Angus Wilson will present “A Meeting of Wings: Seabirds of the Western North Atlantic”.
Art reminded members that our summer meetings include short presentations. He is looking for people to make presentation on the following dates: July 7 and August 4 at at Palmyra Cove and September 1 at Heinz NWR.
Art also reminded all that the annual summer Picnic will again be hosted by Paul and Anita Guris on July 9, details will follow.
Last but not least, the DVOC Annual Banquet will feature Kevin Karlson, will be speaking on ”The Birds of Cape May”. It will take place on November 17; save the date.
Dino Fiabane announced the upcoming Ornithological Studies:
On May 5th, Seve Kacir will present “When a Butcherbird isn’t a shrike”.
No other Ornithological Studies are yet scheduled.
Dino asked for volunteers to make brief presentations at future meetings.

Local Notes:

Hart Rufe – April 4th (2 weeks earlier than ever before) Purple Martins returned (10 birds initially) up to 50 now. He also had his 1st hummingbird on April 20th, a male.

Bert Filemyr had a female hummingbird yesterday, April, 20th; he noted he usually has males first.

The Eagle’s nest at Core Creek Park has been observed to have one chick in the nest.

Dave Long, on April 17th saw on the Morrisville levy 9 ducklings -”on the theme of earliness”
He also saw flocks of tree swallows (bank and cliff as well).

Frank Windfelder, at Pennypack on the Delaware observed Eagles still on the nest, noting that they should have hatched by now, “doesn’t look good”. He also reported a yellow warbler at Tinicum, again the theme of “earliness”.

Frank also reported after a few days of stormy weather (east winds) Bonaparte’s Gull, Virginia Rail, Common Loons (55). At Glen Foerd, farther up the Delaware River on Jersey side: 100 Common Loons together on the water, later again more loons on the river, 13 Red-breasted Mergansers. He estimated a total of 275+ Common Loons. Frank also reported a Sora right by the impoundment at Heinz NWR.
Phil Witmer noticed the theme of the night of early sightings. Frank stated Doris McGovern compiles data. Steve Kacir also stated that e-bird has data on sightings and urged people to enter their sightings; it is an ongoing “citizen science venture”. The more data that goes in, the more data there is of use to all of us.

Ornithological Study

Dino Fiabane introduced : Hart Rufe, who presented "Revisiting 'The Bare Truth About Birding Martha's Vineyard'"

Main Program

Art McMorris introduced Dan Kunkle. Dan presented "Super Fund to Super Habitat: the Lehigh Gap Nature Center”

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM

Respectfully submitted

Bonnie Witmer, for Bob Horton, Secretary