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Minutes of the DVOC
February 21, 2013

Secretary Steve Kacir called the meeting to order at 7:31 PM. Eighteen members and six guests were in attendance.

The minutes of the 7 February 2013 meeting were approved as submitted.


Membership Committee:

No Report.

Conservation Committee:

No Report.

Field Trip Committee:

Secretary Steve Kacir conducted the field trip reports:
Trip Reports:
10 Feb 2013 – Photography Field Trip to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. This trip was led by Steve Kacir. The annual photography trip to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park witnessed very high tides, making travel on the jetty challenging, but enjoyed great lighting for photography. The highlight of the trip was getting in front of a cooperative Ipswich Sparrow that was working the high tide line and allowing the bird to walk in for its own close-ups. The usual Barnegat Light specialties were also seen and photographed.
18 Feb 2013 – North Shore of New Jersey Field Trip. This trip was led by Sandra Keller. Jack Mahon reported on the trip, which was attended by 14-15 people and began at Shark River Inlet then travelled to Manasquan Inlet before ending the day at Tom’s River where the Pink-footed Goose at Marshall’s Pond put in an appearance. Barbara Granger added that Sandra Keller put in an admirable effort scouting for this field trip which had to maneuver around the damage and destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy.
Trip Announcements:
9 March 2013 – Barnegat Light, NJ. Leader is Chris Walters. This half-day field trip is especially well suited for new members and students, though all are welcome to attend. The trip will focus on Barnegat Light’s specialties including: Common Eiders, Harlequin Ducks, Purple Sandpipers, Ipswich Sparrow and Snow Bunting as well as the usual assortment of ducks and loons.
TBA – Franklin Parker Preserve. Leader is Tony Croasdale. Tony is uncertain whether Emile De Vito, who usually acts as a leader and roving historian for this trip will be able to attend this year. At this point, it is uncertain that this trip will be led this year.
Ornithological Moments Committee:
No report.


Webmaster and Archivist Bert Filemyr reported that he was very close to having a complete digital run of Cassinia available online on the DVOC website. Bert also plans to put up an online archive of the Abstracts of Meetings from Cassinia in the future, which will allow easy access to the abstracts without having to search for them issue by issue.
Secretary Steve Kacir announced the upcoming programs.

Mar 7: Rob Bierregaard will present “Sex (and Owls and Mice) and the City.”

Mar 21: Sally Ann Sims will present "Room to Move? Piping Plover Nesting Habitat and Sea Level Rise in Rhode Island."


Edie Parnum announced that Doug Tallamy, the recipient of the 2012 Rosalie Edge Award for Conservation, will be presenting a talk entitled “Treasures Among Our Natives” at Jenkins Arboretum on Feb 24. Pre-registration is required and there is a $5 fee. More information about the talk can be found here:

Local Notes:

Steve Kacir reported that on Sunday Feb 17, he and Tony Croasdale braved 30-40mph winds to explore Southern Delaware. They dipped on the Eared Grebe at Indian River Inlet, but enjoyed seeing two Common Eiders and several Horned Grebes, some of which were quite close to the marina walkways. At Prime Hook NWR, Steve and Tony found two drake Eurasian Wigeons at the Prime Hook Rd impoundments.

Bert Filemyr reported that the female Rufous Hummingbird that appeared at his feeders on 16 October 2012 was still present. Bert added that if this hummingbird stays until March that Bert’s yardlist will have a hummingbird record for every month of the year. This Rufous Hummingbird is truly overwintering in Bert’s yard.

Sally O’Byrne reported that she has had White-winged Crossbills visit her downtown Wilmington yard on two occasions. Both times, the birds made use of her heated water bath on harsh, cold, frozen days. The first instance involved a male and a female White-winged Crossbill, while the second visitation featured three female White-winged Crossbills. Afterwards, the club members engaged in some general discussion of White-winged Crossbills and their apparent preference for Sweetgum over spruces this winter. Though, as a few members rightly indicated, there have been instances of these White-winged Crossbills using spruces this winter as well. During the course of this conversation, it was mentioned that club members Debbie Beer and Adrian Binns chased some White-winged Crossbills found at Villanova University and eventually found the crossbills feeding on Sweetgum at Haverford College.

Marty Dellwo added that Frank Windfelder had been getting regular visits by White-winged Crossbills, and those birds were feeding on Sweetgum.

Tony Croasdale noted that his father had found six or seven White-winged Crossbills at Palmyra Cove Nature Park on 20 FEB 2013.

Ornithological Moment:

No Ornithological Moment.

Main Program:

Secretary Steve Kacir introduced tonight’s speaker, Joel Fry. Joel has been curator at Bartram’s Gardens since the early ‘90s. Before that, Joel studied John Bartram as a grad student at University of Pennsylvania. From poetry to art, from botany to ornithology, history and geography, Joel explored the men, wildlife and landscapes of Bartram’s Gardens in his talk, “Alexander Wilson & Ornithology at Bartram’s Gardens.”


The meeting was adjourned at 9:07PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen E.T. Kacir, Secretary