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2010 Members' Photography Night

The three judges (Bonnie Witmer, Martin Dellwo and Kevin Loughlin) sorted through 266 pictures submitted by 26 photographers.

A Reminder: All images on the DVOC website are copyrighted by the individual photographer(s). Copyright permission has been granted by them for use on this website and no further use is permitted. This includes all images from Members' Photography Nights.

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Grand Prize Winner
Ruddy Turnstone Bathing - Barnegat Light SP, NJ by Paul Guris


Natural History Category

First Prize - Stephen and Laura Huber
Second Prize - Steve Mattan
Third Prize - Nikolas Haass and Raja Stephenson
Honorable Mention - Frank Windfelder

Birders Category First Prize - Steve Kacir
Second Prize - Stephen and Laura Huber
Third Prize - Paul Guris
Honorable Mention - Karl Lukens
Scenery Category First Prize - Andy Smith
Second Prize - Steve Mattan
Third Prize - Andy Smith
Honorable Mention - Steve Mattan
Birds Category First Prize (and Grand Prize Winner) - Paul Guris
Second Prize - Barrie Ashby
Third Prize - Steve Kacir
Honorable Mention - Anita Guris