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2011 Bob Billings Big Year Award Competition Begins 1/1/11

This is the start of a whole new annual event for DVOC members.
Which member can identify the most birds in the DVOC area during the calendar year? The prize - $200 and more importantly "Bragging Rights!"

This is a fun and friendly competition designed to get members out in the field enjoying the birds in our area. It does not cost anything to participate and no advance registration is necessary. Just get out there and start birding! Totals will be submitted at the end of the year but we hope members will let the club know how they are doing as the year moves forward.

Full details and procedures are at the Bob Billings Big Year Award Webpage. We suggest you take a moment and familiarize yourself with them.

Here is a map of the "playing field"

The pelagic waters of New Jersey and Delaware are also included.
For the New Jersey pelagic boundaries, see
The pelagic waters of Delaware overlap those of New Jersey. Delaware’s southern limit is a line due east from the coast at latitude 38° 27' 04" N.