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Ornithological Presentation
Ring-necked Ducks

Study skins from the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences

by Adrian Binns 1/05

Ring-necked Duck Aythya collaris

This is not really a well-named bird, because the ring neck is actually very hard to see. The thin ring, only on the adult male, is around the base of the neck and is actually a dull cinnamon color that is best detected when it raises its head or under ideal viewing conditions. The word Duck comes from the Anglo-Saxon duce, which means ‘to dive’ or ‘to duck’

Aythya comes from the Greek meaning ‘a kind of waterbird or diving bird’. Collaris comes from the Latin collare meaning ‘a collar’ or ‘neck band’






DVOC Main Page > Ornithological Studies > Ring-necked Ducks