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by Adrian Binns 06/05

Note: These 2 species are found in South Florida. They are a lot easier to identify in flight, as the white in the wings of the White-winged Parakeet is very evident. Confusion occurs when these birds are perched as the white in the folded wing of a White-winged Parakeet is not always evident, therefore leading to possible misidentification as a Yellow-chevroned Parakeet.


Brotogeris chiriri

Brotogeris versicolurus


L   8.75      WS  15

 L  8.75      WS  15

Overall plumage color

Bright grass yellow-green plumage. Brighter colored than White-winged

A darker forest green body plumage

Wing color

Yellow is limited to the greater coverts; green on remaining flight feathers. Never shows white in the primaries or secondaries

White inner primaries and white outer secondaries that are tinged with yellow; yellow greater coverts; white wing patch appears translucent in flight; Perched - even when no white is visible, the yellow extends down from the coverts to include the visible outer webs of some secondaries, giving the yellow wing patch a longer shape


The outer primaries are green

The outer primaries are a dark bluish coloration

Bill color

Deeper, darker flesh-pink colored bill than White-winged  

Lighter, paler, flesh-pink bill color

Orbital eye-ring

Narrow, clean clear white orbital eye-ring      

A more extensive though dull wide gray orbital eye-ring that expands into the loral area

Loral area

Fully feathered green lores.

Unfeathered gray lores that merge with gray orbital ring



Tends to show a bluish tinge to crown and forehead


Under side of tail plain green in Yellow-chevroned chiriri

Under side of tail strongly washed with turquoise blue in White-winged


A higher and scratchy metallic chiri-chiri than White-winged

Similar; richer, but not as high pitched as Yellow-chevroned

Natural range

Geographically separate from nominate race, occurring further south. Southern Brazil, Paraquay and N. Argentina

Nominate race. Occurs primarily north of the Amazon

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