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2006 World Series of Birding Fund Raising

2006 Pledge/Donation Form (*.pdf)
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Using funds generated by our Nikon/DVOC World Series of Birding Team, the DVOC makes one or more grants every year to conservation projects. Several thousand dollars are expended each year to directly impact conservation efforts in the Delaware Valley area. A list of past recipients is available by clicking here.

The Conservation Committee headed by Debbie Beer, along with committee members JoAnn Raine, Edie Parnum, and Jan Gordon, extensively researched several worthy recipients. After serious consideration they unanimously recommended the following to Council.

The Committee recommends the 2006 WSB funds be used to help save a Great Blue Heron rookery along Swamp Creek near Limerick in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Montgomery County is fortunate to host one of the few Heron Rookeries in southeastern Pennsylvania. At last count 26 pairs of Great Blue Herons successfully raised young in the site. Vince Smith, of Valley Forge Audubon Society, surveyed the site for consideration as an Audubon Important Bird Area (IBA). IBA status was initially denied, but is still being sought. It is unlikely to be approved unless 50 pairs of herons can be documented as nesting.

Unfortunately, as with too many other wildlife areas, development and habitat destruction are threatening this special place and the local population of Great Blue Herons. A developer has purchased the property adjacent to the Heron Rookery, located in New Hanover township, and plans to build there an active adult community of 619 units.

Recognizing the importance of the Rookery, Montgomery County Lands Trust (MCLT) has stepped forward to save the imperiled site. They are negotiating with the developer and township to enlarge substantially the buffer zone around the Rookery by implementing a Conservation Easement covering the sensitive habitat.

MCLT needs funds to bring about this Conservation Easement (to pay for consultants, fees, documents, and habitat studies). The Committee proposes a “dedicated donation” of DVOC WSB funds be made to MCLT earmarked for this specific purpose.

Since its inception in 1993, the non-profit MCLT organization has worked effectively within Montgomery County to preserve thousands of acres of land. They usually implement Conservation Easements, in partnership with the county, non-profit organizations and landowners. The organization cultivates relationships with land owners to design and implement preservation solutions to conserve as much green space as possible.

Council unanimously accepted the recommendation of the Conservation Committee.

Now it is time to raise funds for this purpose. Pledges and donations associated with our World Series of Birding Team is the sole source of our conservation funds. We strive to raise $4000-$5000 this year. This requires the participation on all club members. If you have made a pledge/donation in the past, now is the time to do it again. If you have not done it in the past, please strongly consider supporting this worthy cause. Please download and submit a pledge/donation form now!

All funds are tax deductable.