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Minutes of the DVOC
January 5, 2012

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:33 PM. Thirty-nine members and three guests were present.

The minutes of the December 15th meeting were approved as submitted.

Frank called on Chris Walters, Chair of the Nominating Committee and asked him to announce the candidates for this year’s elections.
Chris announced this year’s slate as follows:
For President (one year term) Art McMorris
For Vice President (one year term) Phil Witmer
For Secretary (one year term) Steve Kacir
For Treasurer (one year term) Bert Filemyr
For Council member {three year term) Win Shafer, Anita Guris
A vote was taken of the members present and the slate was approved.

Frank thanked Bonnie and Phil Witmer for providing the food for this evening’s gathering.
Art McMorris took over as President and proceeded with the meeting.
First Art thanked Frank Windfelder for his many years of service to the club.
He also thanked Bob Horton for his service as Secretary.
He then thanked Edie Parnum and Jeff Holt for their service on the Council.

Art welcomed Phil Witmer as incoming Vice President and Steve Kacir as incoming Secretary. He also welcomed Win Shafer and Anita Guris to Council.
Art stated that since Phil Witmer is now Vice President, he was appointing Bob Horton to Council to fill out the remaining two years of Phil’s term.

Bert Filemyr announced that Council had nominated the following people as candidates to become Fellows:
Cindy Ahern
Dino Fiabane
Barrie Ashby
Georgia Ashby
Marty Dellwo
Bonnie Witmer
Art asked for a vote and all candidates were confirmed as Fellows. Art thanked the Nominating Committee.

Chair Anita Guris announced that applications have been received from Kim Custer of Haddonfield, NJ and Mandy Learson of West Chester, PA.
Chair Phil Witmer noted that Montgomery County, PA’s threat to close their county parks due to funding issues was only a political action and it will not happen.
Billings Award:
Checklists for 2011 need to be submitted to the committee by the end of January. The award will be presented by the end of February. Participants in the 2012 Billings Award must register with the committee by March 31.
Field Trips:
Field Trip Reports:
Marty Dellwo reported that there have been no field trips since the last meeting.
Trip Announcements:
January 21 (postponed from December 31) – Conowingo Dam, MD and Perryville, PA. An excellent concentration of Bald Eagles occurs below the dam at this time of the year. We will also search for wintering waterfowl near Perryville. Leader is Tom Reeves.
January 7 – Philadelphia Midwinter Birding Census – An annual event lead by Keith Russell.
January 14-16 – Montauk, NY We will visit various habitat looking for winter species as we work our way out Long Island. The leaders are Erica Brendel and Chris Walters.
March 22 – April 2 – Cuba. Led by Win Shafer. See Win for details.
Vice President Phil Witmer announced the upcoming programs.
On January 19, Rob Bierregarrd will present “Juvenile and Adult Osprey Migration between North and South America: Routes, Timing and Mortality”.
On February 2, Don Freiday will present “How to identify birds like an expert”.
On February 16, Nate Rice will present “Field work in Vietnam”.

The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education will hold a bird count on Saturday, January 7.
Paul Guris announced the upcoming pelagic trips:
January 14 Freeport, NY
January 15 Belmar, NJ
February 4 Wildwood, NJ
February 11 Lewes, DE
Debbie Beer announced that Heinz NWR will hold a bird count for kids on January 7.
Tony Croasdale announced that he is doing a Green Big Year. He said this means, if traveling by car, it must be full of people. Alternately, any travel by manpower or boat is acceptable.

Local Notes:
Paul Guris reported, while on a fishing trip, he spotted 1360 Dovkies, 9 Atlantic Puffins, 10 Razorbills and 5 Northern Fulmars.
Frank Windfelder reported an Orange-crowned and Nashville Warbler and a Snow Goose at Pennypack on the Delaware, PA.
Tony Croasdale reported a Clay-colored Sparrow at Pennypack on the Delaware, Cackling Goose at Roosevelt Park, PA and a Chaffinch and Snowy Owl in NJ.
Chris Walters reported on the day after the Cape May Count, Bell’s Vireo, Eurasian Collared Dove, Eurasian Wigeon, Marbled Godwit, Rufous Hummingbird and Cackling Goose in the Cape May area.
Marty Dellwo reported Horned Larks in Alpha, NJ and a Chaffinch in Hunterdon County, NJ.
Adrian Binns reported a Northern Shrike and a Green Heron at Heinz NWR, PA and 100,000 Snow Geese, including Ross’s Geese and Cackling Geese along with massive flocks of blackbirds on Broadkill Rd, DE.
Paul Guris reported 3 Long-eared Owls, a Barn Owl and an Orange-crowned Warbler on the Cumberland County, NJ CBC.
Mike O’Brien reported a Peregrine Falcon on December 8 in Downtown Philadelphia. He also observed American Kestrel and Cooper’s Hawk in the same area.
Mike Fritz reported the highlights of the Cumberland County CBC as, seven species of owls, Baltimore Oriole, Eastern Phoebe, Long-billed Dowitcher, Whimbrel, Orange-crowned Warbler, Glaucous Gull and Pileated Woodpecker.

Trustee Report:
Chris Walters delivered the Trustee Report. The balance as of January 1, 2012 is $167,000. The balance the previous year was $156,000.

Treasurer’s Report:
Bert Filemyr delivered the Treasurer’s Report.

Main Program:
Art McMorris introduced Bert Filemyr, who presented a short presentation entitled “From the archives: February 3, 1890”.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 PM.

Refreshments were served in the lobby, which were again be coordinated and provided by Bonnie and Phil Witmer. The food was great.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Horton, Secretary Emeritus