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Updated Sunday, October 6, 2013
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Secondary Page Graphics

On many of the most often visited pages, the page heading graphic is randomly chosen on each page visit. There are 50 active graphics in the rotation. They are shown below. Also shown on this page are the "retired" images.

On "non-rotating pages" the current graphic is - Yellow-eyed Junco by Bert Filemyr

The DVOC is always seeking appropriate images for use on our pages. For submission or further information contact

All images on the DVOC website are copyrighted by the individual photographer(s). Copyright permission has been granted by them for use on this website and no further use is permitted. Contact for additional information.

Secondary Page Heading Graphics - The 50 Active Graphics

Brown Booby by Bert Filemyr

Turkey Vulture by Bert Filemyr

American Oystercatcher by Bert Filemyr

Semi-palmated Sandpiper by Bert Filemyr

Sharp-tailed Sparrow by Bert Filemyr

Raptor by Bert Filemyr

Gyrfalcon by Bert Filemyr

Northern Shoveler by Bert Filemyr

Great-tailed Grackle by Bert Filemyr

Marsh Wren by Bert Filemyr

Lesser Scaup by Bert Filemyr

Black-chinned Hummingbird by Ed Filemyr

Little Blue Heron by Bert Filemyr

Loggerhead Shrike by Bert Filemyr

Northern Bobwhite by Bert Filemyr

Ruffed Grouse by Bert Filemyr

Spotted Sandpiper by Bert Filemyr

Yellow-headed Blackbird by Bert Filemyr

Golden-crowned Kinglet by Bert Filemyr

American Avocet by Bert Filemyr

Broad-tailed Hummingbird by Colin Campbell

American Kestrel by Bert Filemyr

Tri-colored Heron by Adrian Binns

Brown-capped Rosy-Finch by Bert Filemyr

Northern Goshawk by Karl Lukens

Perigrine Falcon by Colin Campbell

Northern Saw-whet Owl by Adrian Binns

Cattle Egret by Jeff Holt

Eastern Screech Owl by Colin Campbell

Red Crossbill by Karl Lukens

Buff-breasted Sandpiper by Karl Lukens

Western Meadowlark by Bert Filemyr

Ring-necked Pheasant by Colin Campbell

Evening Grosbeak by Karl Lukens

Eastern Screech Owl by Colin Campbell

Snowy Owl by Karl Lukens

Willow Ptarmigan by Naomi Murphy

Common Murre by Bert Filemyr

Common Murre by Bert Filemyr

Sage Thrasher by Bert Filemyr

Slaty-backed Gull by Tom Southerland

White-faced Ibis by Bert Filemyr

Western Tanager by Bert Filemyr

Shoebill by Tom Southerland

Bonaparte's Gull by Bert Filemyr

Hawk-Owl by Karl Lukens

Ivory Gull by Y. Y. Huang

Red-naped Sapsucker by Bert Filemyr

Peregrine over the Walt Whitman Bridge by Art McMorris

Burrowing Owl by Naomi Murphy


Secondary Page Heading Graphics - Retired Graphics


Vatious species by Adrian Binns

Red-breasted Nuthatch by Karl Lukens

Florida Scrub Jay by Wendy Lenhart

Steller's Sea Eagle by Tom Southerland

Peregrine by Art McMorris

White-crowned Sparrow (Z. l. gambelii) by Jane Henderson

Ruddy Turnstone by Colin Campbell

Trumpeter Swan by Bert Filemyr

Clapper Rail by Bert Filemyr

Sage Sparrow by Karl Lukens

White-tailed Ptarmigan by Hart Rufe

Tropical Kingbird by Rob Hynson

White-throated Sparrow by Colin Campbell

American Oystercatcher by Steve Kacir

Red-naped Sapsucker by Hart Rufe


American Oystercatcher by Steve Kacir

Lesser Scaup by Bert Filemyr

Fork-tailed Flycatcher by Adrian Binns

Ivory Gull by Bert Filemyr

Black-tailed Godwit by Karl Lukens

Red-Necked Stint by Karl Lukens

Scissored-tailed Flycatcher by Colin Campbell

Pine Grosbeak by Bert Filemyr

Western Reef-Heron by Hart Rufe

Northern Jacana by Marvin Hyett

Spot-billed Toucan by Naomi Murphy

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker by Colin Campbell

Hooded Merganser by Colin Campbell

Eastern Screech Owl by Jane Henderson

White-crowned Sparrow (Z. l. gambelii) by Jane Henderson

Red Knot by Colin Campbell

Bridled Tern by Colin Campbell

Greater Shearwater by Colin Campbell

Blue-winged Teal by Naomi Murphy

Greater Prairie Chicken by Naomi Murphy

Rough-legged Hawk by Marvin Hyett

White-rumped Sandpiper by Bert Filemyr

Heerman's Gull by Bert Filemyr

American Oystercatcher by Colin Campbell


Purple Sandpiper by Bert Filemyr

Harlequin Duck by Bert Filemyr

Gray Jay by Karl Lukens

Violet-green Swallow by Bert Filemyr


Mountain Bluebird by Bert Filemyr


Bald Eagle by Bert Filemyr


Thousand Acre Marsh, DE, July 17, 2009 by Colin Campbell


Western Tanager by Bert Filemyr

Green-tailed Towhee by Bert Filemyr

Great Blue Heron by Bert Filemyr

Merlin by Bert Filemy

Willet by Bert Filemyr

Eastern Meadowlark by Bert Filemyr

Cinnamon Teal by Bert Filemyr

Sage Thrasher by Bert Filemyr

Osprey by Bert Filemyr